I’m a BOSS Pitch: 10 BOSS ways to pitch your heart out every time!

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I'm a boss pitch and here are 10 BOSS ways to pitch your heart out every time!

On a recent pitch meeting, (that went well by the way), I did a few things differently that I want to keep in my regimen for future pitches. These new things helped me to gain even more clarity behind what I was offering the entertainment company. I boss's up in a way I believe I'd never done before. I was an expert. I was passionate. I was innovative! I was a BOSS PITCH!

But, there were also several logistical things I did before my pitch that worked in my favor and afforded me a win in the end. I want to share them with you in hopes that you can implement them or create your own similar steps so that your next pitch could be dynamic too!

Here is what made me a BOSS Pitch:

* My research was dynamic! I researched everything! I read several articles on the people I was meeting with. I researched the company and all the latest smart business moves they've made, as well as, the negative press. I used my research in my pitch and I could see their eyes light up when I knew things not really related...but related. For instance, mentioning something a person specialized in in two jobs prior. Ex: "You know what I mean, Sally, you're big into generations, blah,blah, blah."

* I reached out to people outside of my industry (or who'd had more knowledge than me in certain areas) to get their expertise about the space I would be pitching about. I shared mypitch and asked them to find loopholes. I wanted to find and fix everything wrong with my idea before my meeting.

* I sought advice from a marketing guru. I wanted to know how to market my project. I believe this information would help further shape my idea. And it did greatly! From a marketing perspective, it informed me of things I never once thought about!

* I practiced my pitch with 4 different people. The people all had different, but relatable backgrounds, and they all gave me unique feedback.

* Before my pitch I read over my notes and practiced in my head. If you can complete a 15-20 minute pitch in your head without getting distracted by the noisy world, then it's engrained in your heart. I knew all of the important points to hit.

* A marketing friend asked me to end my pitch with a question that forces me to know how my idea falls in line with what they are seeking. That question was the perfect way to conclude the meeting! A simple question that could work for anyone, "How does what I presented, fall in line with the needs of your company?

* I asked if they had any questions or concerns I could address.

* I gave my book as a business card. That was really fun. They regarded me as an expert, I could tell. Hundreds of thousands of people want to write books and never do it, so if you've completed one, that alone moves you up in the minds of others and makes you an expert.

* I did a fantastic morning ritual that included meditating, visualizing, affirmations, intentional breathing, reading, and writing and saying gratitudes.

* Last, I told a lot of stories. After counting, my pitch ended up having 8 stories in it. At the end of my meeting, everyone said "I love your stories, and your passion." I simply told stories of experiences I'd had or things I heard that made sense and related to what I was pitching.

There you have it, 10 things that could make you a BOSS PITCH!

Still Pitching From Your Paper? (TIP)

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Still pitching from your paper?

Here's a tip. Choose 5 of the most important things about your project / product and practice pitching them without paper. You'll find it easier to pitch from your heart, if you order them by importance.

(BONUS TIP): these 5 "must talk about" topics will help you with your elevator speech)! #pitchingtowin.

‪‪The future of TV is changing‬! Stay woke. Get Ready.

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So, anybody preparing content for Facebook TV? The future of TV is changing!

Stay woke! Get Ready!

Soon they'll be looking for ideas from you! I quickly did a run through of all the content on my pipeline that I would want to pitch them. Then began brainstorming on possible content I'd want to create specifically for them. What about you? Do you have content right for them? The future of TV is changing y'all!

In a post on digiday, it gave us a break down of what it will be offering and by whom its first few original content shows will be produced by...

Facebook wants people to spend more time watching videos on its platform, as they already do on YouTube. Starting Aug. 10, it’s introducing a new video destination called “Watch,” which aims to do exactly that.

Watch is essentially a remake of Facebook’s video tab, available online and across Facebook’s apps for mobile devices and connected TVs. It will offer a library of longer form and episodic video shows made by publishers, celebrities and digital video creators. Shows on Facebook Watch will fall into two tiers: TV-sized half-hour programs launching on Facebook later this year and shorter “spotlight” series with episodes running between 5 and 15 minutes.

On Watch, Facebook will offer original shows from more than 30 content partners, including Tastemade, Mashable, Hearst, Attn, Bleacher Report, A+E, Refinery29 and Condé Nast Entertainment. Some partners have multiple shows funded by Facebook, including: Tastemade, which is producing six series including “Kitchen Little” and “Struggle Meal”; Mashable, which is doing two series, “What’s Your Mutt?” and “DIY Costume Squad”; Attn, which is producing “Health Hacks,” which will star Jessica Alba, and “We Need to Talk”; and Business Insider, which has four shows including “The Great Cheese Hunt” and “Rising Stars” with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Not all of these shows will be available from Day One, as some are scheduled to appear later this year, according to publishing sources.

Click to read the article:


My “Quick Start” Checklist for Storytelling While Pitching

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Wanna know my "quick start" checklist for storytelling while pitching?

Before you craft your pitch for your film or TV project or your business product. You must first know how to tell a great story.

Storytelling is key for anyone pitching content, or anything for that matter. Telling great stories is what engages others and helps them follow along with you. If you lure one in and take them
on a journey, by the time you are ready to get into the facts about your project or product, you would have already gotten them ready and set to listen to what it is you are selling.

In fact, if you really want to win, you can build the facts about your project or product into the story and by the time you are done pitching, it won't even feel like a pitch to either of you.

So, here is a checklist of some things you can include in your story:

✔️Important dates. Example: It was in 2012, when I had my accident...
✔️Paint a picture of the environment you had your "aha" moment and began your project/product.
✔️Include top 2 reasons why you created your project/product.
✔️Talk about universal themes and missions.
✔️Write why you add value to the space. Example: I too, struggle with depression and understand...
✔️Include a transition statement that leads you into your first fact.

Try writing these out and then practicing how they would sound putting them into a story. Come back and let me know how it worked out for you!

Also, if you feel uncertain about pitching and would like one on one coaching that is more specific and personalized to fit your project/product, feel free to reach out to me to learn more about the coaching services I offer at info@thepitch101.com.

Now On Amazon!

Afraid to mess up while pitching?

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Afraid to mess up while pitching?

Here’s a quick Tip:

When pitching, make sure you always read the room. Check faces to see if there are any furrowed eyebrows or waned attention. Then ask, “Before I go any further, are you following me so far? Is there anything I can make clear?” If so, clarify. Trust me, all parties will be happy if you check in. Remember, you only get one 1st impression! Better be your best!

Squeaky Moore
The Pitch Guru

Five Tips to Eliminate Fear Before You Pitch!

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You need a few tips to eliminate fear before you pitch?

Last week my #100Pitches book release, workshop, and high-end industry networking event, toured to Atlanta, Georgia and it was so amazing! But, I have to admit, I was really nervous for some reason. I experienced these same feelings before my New York event. For the first time in my entire life, (and I've been on stages in some capacity since I was 11), I experienced a feeling in my stomach that was unexplainable, but I'll try to explain. It felt like I had nervous flu symptoms and at the same time I was suffering from hunger. You know how your stomach feels when you are extremely hungry and any bad smell makes it feel horrible? Weird, I know! But the mix of those two feelings is what I experienced due to nervousness.

Afterwards, I thought about why I was feeling such nervousness and concluded that ultimately, I was pitching myself (I'm The Pitch Guru after all), my knowledge of pitching, my understanding of the industry, and my book to a room full of content creators with all levels of industry knowledge, as well as, decision makers who hear pitches and green-light project's all the time. No wonder I was nervous!

The only thing that helped to eliminate my nerves were to do these 5 simple steps. Some of the steps I did several times as my symptoms started the day before the event. The night was better than I expected, (everyone said so)!

(L to R: GlenNeta Griffin; Get TV Ready, Keith Neal and Eric Tomosunas; Swirl Films, Ramona Debreaux; V-103, Wayne Overstreet; Overstreet Productions and Post, Me 😊, Tracey Tooks; UP Tv, and Tina Thompson; Aspire TV Network)

I want to share these 5 simple steps with you because I understand that many of you prefer to be unseen, and are scared out of your mind to actually sell the project's you've spent so much time creating. I hope these 5 tips help you overcome your nervousness to pitch. Remember you can spend 30 minutes just before your meeting doing these 5 steps! Good luck.

Here are five tips to eliminate fear before you pitch!

1. Affirmations - create affirmations for your success, worth, value, career, and your pitch meeting. They should all be stated in the present tense and not past or future tenses.
2. Visualize - see yourself pitching. Visualize from the moment you walk through the doors. Then see yourself feel how it feels to be green-lit!
3. Quick breathing - breathe quick short breaths while pumping your fist in the air. This works especially if you use it right before pitching. This will help you release all of the nervous energy with each breath and fist pump.
4. Guided success meditation - You tube has some really great meditations you can follow along with. You can start there or use the Headspace app.
5. Practice doing your pitch to yourself in the mirror! It gives you someone to deliver your pitch too. This really works well!

Let me know how this goes!

REPLAY – Questions I’ll address at the #100Pitches: Book Release Events

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Here is a REPLAY of the live video I did recently addressing questions about my book release tour event.

In this video I discuss what you can expect to learn from me and what questions I will be asking our panelists at the #100Pitches book release event!

This event is for you if you:

  • Want to create and pitch a tv show, film, or web-series idea
  • Want to build relationships (and omeet) with decision makers
  • Seeking investors for your projects (product integration or placement deals included)
  • Looking to get celebrity talent to act in your films
  • Want to pitch but don't know what you need to present
  • Want to pitch but don't know where to start
  • Want to know what happens after your project is optioned.

And more!!!

Watch the REPLAY



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But, first a quick message....


We are excited to announce that Eric Tomosunas, CEO of Swirl Film, will be joining Tina Thompson (Aspire TV), and Wayne Overstreet, (Overstreet Productions) on the #100Pitches: Book Release industry panel. 

Eric Tomosunas has been in the filmmaking business for over 20 years with over 90 films and made for TV movies! Recently, Swirl Film inked a multi-year production deal with TV ONE! 

When I spoke with Eric, he was more than eager to be a part of the movement to see more diverse stories told on air and in theaters and ready to share his wealth of knowledge with YOU!  

                       REGISTER NOW! 

Swirl Films Joins The Panel


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I was so excited to interview with Trailblazers radio!  Stephen Hart asks his guests great questions and his podcasts are usually very inspiring! 

But this podcast was on fire! I may be biased because he's interviewing me, but I don't think so. You see, not only do I give some great tips on pitching; I give 5 lessons I learned from pitching 100 times, but I also reveal some of the common mistakes you make pitching too. 

Stephen and I discuss some of the discoveries I've had about myself related to my self worth and fear. I'm sure, I'm not alone in these categories, and I want you to listen to them so you can be inspired. 

Listen to the podcast HERE and tell me what you think! I hope I can teach and encourage you to step up and step out on such a big scale that you have no choice but to go to your next levels! 

Here are some of the questions that host Stephen Hart asked me on his Trailblazers radio show/podcast:

  1. What's driving you today?
  2. Share with us 5 lessons that you discovered from this journey?
  3. What's one piece of advice you received that stood out most?
  4. What are some of the biggest mistakes people are making when pitching?
  5. What's the one pitch strategy you'd coach if you had nothing else to share?
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