#100Pitches: Book Tour: Atlanta [PICTURES]

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The #100Pitches: Book Tour Atlanta was A M A Z I N G!!!

To the decision makers and green-lighters @Aspire TV Network, Overstreet Productions and Post, and Swirl Films.

Atlanta welcomed the #100Pitches Book Tour movement - and a room full of hungry content creators and reminded me how sweet Georgia really is!

I want to personally thank all of my expert executives (Tina Thompson -Aspire TV, Wayne Overstreet - Overstreet Productions & Post, Eric Tomosunas & Keith Neal - Swirl Films), for generously giving your time, knowledge, and support to the women and minorities who attended the book release, workshop, industry panel and networking event. I can without a shadow of a doubt tell you that because of you, the content creators walked away more knowledgeable, inspired, and motivated to create, and sell their projects courageously!

I was in tears (once again), when I personally witnessed Eric Tomosunas of Swirl Films, willingly offer to open a door for a content creator who boldly pitched herself and her future dreams of being in the industry. It's my dream come true and my mission closer to being satisfied! You confirmed that what I teach to others daily is on point and much a needed message to help see more diverse stories on the big and little screens!

Last, I want to thank my sponsors Get TV Ready and Wework Colony Square. I greatly appreciate you!

Thanks so much for your support, I am truly grateful to you!




Squeaky Moore


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