#100Pitches LA was Everything! [Photos]

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#100Pitches LA Was Everything! 

So...what you don't know is that #100Pitches LA almost didn't happen!
When I tell you, there were many things trying to prevent me from you...I mean MANY! But, LA wanted #100Pitches LIVE to happen, and they got information to make it come to fruition. I met some amazing content creators (many who were women), that went out on a limb, reach into their networks, and who came hungry and eager to learn!  I'm so grateful.
There were so much great information that came out of LA.  Some of the takeaways were:

Regarding asking for NDA's -  


  1. Austyn Biggers (Development Executive and Executive Producer at LOGO, MTV, VH1) suggested, If they have a physical company address...then you may not want to ask, but, if they don't have a company address, and you don't know much about them...you may want to ask for an NDA. ~Austyn Biggers
  2. Trey Haley (President of Tri Destined Studios) said that we should follow our instincts.  He suggested, we should ask questions about everyone who will be in the room at the meeting. If people are there that you know nothing about, be careful to share our information.


Regarding Collaborating with Others - 


  1. Austyn B. suggested that we should only consider partnering with others who have something you don't; like, more reach, bigger network, more specific knowledge or skill, or voice.
  2. Trey Haley mentioned that everything about getting your project to come to fruition will be about partnering with others. Be prepared to make strategic alliances who could help take your project to the next level.


Regarding Development of Materials -


  1. Jennifer Williams (President of the Organization of Screenwriters), urged screenwriters to write many drafts of their screenplays.  She spoke about seeing so many scripts that aren't nearly ready.
  2. I gave a pitching checklist of how to know you are ready to pitch.  I walked through all the materials you should expect to prepare before your meetings. You can find it in my book, #100Pitches.

There was so much more and I can't possibly remember all of the gems that were shared.

If you were at the LA event, share with me your #1 takeaway!!!  I want to know what was helpful to you in your journey.



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