#100Pitches NYC: Check out the lineup! 

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‪Honest moment: ‬

‪I didn't write my #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To, book for others, I wrote it for me. It's the first journal I've ever written in my life! It's one of my first honest career moments I've had where I admit I failed miserably. ‬

‪I went on a journey to pitch #100 times because I desperately needed to know how to pitch and to face my fears of not succeeding. 

‪I wanted to be free of mediocrity. I wanted to rid my future of the "I could have, should have, or would have, if only I'd have..." ‬

‪I peeled back a lot of layers about value, faith, confidence, worthiness, and boldness. To pitch, you have to believe you deserve a seat at the table! To pitch your faith in God and self has to be high.  You have to believe in your work and your worth! To pitch you have to be bold enough to build relationships that can take you to the next level. Before my pitching journey, I was faking it until I made it! But now, I'm defying the odds! 

In actuality my journey is just starting! ‬

And so can yours. If you are tired of "faking it until you make it", if you want to grow, learn from my journey, and the experts.  Master the techniques of pitching. 

Let's journey together and get Green Lit! 

JOURNEY WITH ME on 6.13.17 in NYC (other cities and dates to follow). 

           Network. Workshop. Q & A.

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