#100Pitches: The Pitching Checklist and A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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There is so much going on with The Pitch 101, and I don't want you to miss especially since, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! But more on that later.

In my NEW BOOK, set to release in the coming weeks, I give ALL the pitching tips I know, have learned, and use; I literally pour them out of my brain. (Okay that was dramatic!) But, I wanted to take a moment to share with you a quick tip I give on one of the must haves when creating your pitch bible; writing your overview.

When writing the overview for your project...Show your attitude about each character by writing about them from their distinct perspectives. Your overview should include how you want the world to view each character individually. If your characters talk a certain way or if their syntax is unique, show it in the overview. In other words, if you were writing about Tommy in the hit show Power, on Starz, your wording wouldn’t sound as if he is a good-natured White friend of Ghost'. You would write him the only way a White man can be portrayed in an otherwise mostly black urban environment: hardcore; harder to the core than everyone else because Tommy has more to prove than the average man in the hood. His voice would then be juxtaposed with Ghost', whose syntax and demeanor may read opposite of that of the "typical" urban Black man, a kingpin, seeking to get our of the hood...

There is a lot of great information throughout the pages of #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To. Much of which I have been teaching in my workshops or speaking about in the Ent Biz Speaker Series tele seminar, that I've been hosting for four weeks now.

I've had some amazing experts give amazing tips on branding, marketing, casting, and creating Reality TV, and the ones up next will be giving away amazing advice too! You don't want to miss out so subscribe to my site to keep in the know!





















P.S. I'm planning a book tour / bootcamp! I'm so excited about this. Right now all
I can tell you is that there will be room for #100 awesome content creators in each city, I will be workshopping directly from the pages of my book, and I will be moderating a panel of some awesome industry guests!


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