8 Things You Can Do To Crush 2018!

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For many of you, 2017 was a great year! You had some really exciting things happen that moved you closer or to your ultimate goals in life. However, some of you may have found yourself at a standstill or really just not moving the needle on certain goals.

Have you ever asked your self “why?”

This is a question I find myself having to answer when I see goals lying dormant for weeks, months, or for years at a time. When I review my goals and strategies and the lines are blank or the same goal appears at my bi-weekly check-in, I’m forced to ask myself,

Why haven’t you move the needle on this goal, Squeaky?

Usually, the answer revolves around planning and strategy, which is an easy fix. However, sometimes, the answer is not as easy as simply building out a plan and strategy. The issue for non-movement is sometimes a bigger issue centering around fear, value, or worthlessness or you may feel stuck because you feel you don’t have the necessary resources to pull the goal off.

No matter what you usually do at the beginning of the year, be it making resolutions, doing vision boards, or goal setting, you should reflect on 2017. Look at your goals or resolutions and ask yourself,

What goal have I not accomplished and why?

It’s a must you get to the bottom of this question THIS YEAR, so you don’t find your self at the top of 2019 with the same goal!

Not completing your goals can have a bad effect on you; more so than you think. It can leave you feeling depressed, unintelligent, disenchanted with life, unfilled, and with other negative feelings.

It's the beginning of the 2018 and if you are like me, you are preparing to make this year greater than 2017. To do this, there are 8 things you can do to get off on the right foot and crush 2018!

  1. Reflect on 2017.
  2. Write out the goal(s) you accomplished and are proud of.
  3. Write out the goal(s) you set that did not happen.
  4. Write how it makes you feel that that goal didn't come to fruition.
  5. Write out the reason why you didn't see that goal to fruition.
  6. Write out a list of 5 things you could do to move the needle towards that goal(s).
  7. Write out what you stand to lose if you don't take action. Then verbally commit to taking action!! (Say, I will ________)

  1. Join me on Facebook Live tomorrow to learn my goal-setting strategies and tips!

Everyone has a typical way of going about planning for a new year of greatness. Some of you make resolutions, some of you do vision boards, some of you set goals.

Me? I do a little of all of them.

Here is a list of just a few of the goals I completed for 2017:

  • I wrote and published a book

  • I started a book tour and taught people to pitch.

  • I curated entertainment business conversations while bringing content creators and decision makers into one room.

  • I designed a creative professional development program for entertainment companies.

  • I designed and implemented a business development program for kids that teaches them also how to pitch.

  • I designed and taught pitching workshops and webinars.

  • I read 6 amazing books.

  • I created communities of like-minded individuals and consistently engaged with them.

  • I moderated panels and judged pitching competitions

  • I collaborated with amazing brands

  • I expanded my network

If you want to learn what I do to dominate a new year, join me tomorrow on FACEBOOK LIVE at 1 PM ET. I'll be discussing "Goals and Strategies" and giving you a template that I use to bring my goals to fruition!

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