5 Ways to Save Yourself Time and Mistakes!

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Want to save yourself months of time from making mistakes? Here are 5 takeaways I had after asking an expert for help!

I had a phone meeting with a radio show producer. I asked her if she could help me with my media kit and my pitch for interviews. After, our talk I cringed at the email and media kit I had prepared to send out! Lol. She saved me hours of wasted time and from making some huge mistakes; ultimately from getting a "no" response!

Here are my takeaways:

  1. Even coaches need coaching! Especially with different platforms! I desperately needed her knowledge! She gave me great feedback on what enticed her to click on the few emails out of the 3-400 she received. This information was extremely helpful!
  2. It takes a village to be great! Ask experts for help.
  3. BE CONCISE! This was where I cringed the most! My messaging went on way too long. And as she put it, "needed to be streamlined!" (Still cringing) Lol
  4. Ask people to help you the best way they can! This person was a radio VJ for years on a syndicated radio show. If anyone would know how I could get radio interviews, she would! SHE'S AN EXPERT!
  5. Get out of the box! I spent so much time narrowing my focus and accepting that it's okay to have niche content. But, I have to take myself out of the box now and be an expert in a much broader area! This was really interesting! It got me to thinking just how many topics I could give my expert opinions on!

If you can save yourself days or months of time correcting would be mistakes, do it! YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE!

So, have you ever saved yourself months of time by asking for help?

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