A Pitch Bible that Get’s Results – WEBINAR

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Hey Content Creators,


I received such a huge response from social media regarding this workshop offering: A Pitch Bible That Gets Results!

I figured I would.

In past workshops, this section would take so long to get through that I’d barely have time to discuss anything else. The participants would have so many questions for me to answer that I knew it needed to be separate from other pitching topics!

So, I’ve been fine tuning what the 3 day webinar would entail so that you could get the most out of it. But before I finalize it, I want to make sure to have your input.

The APBTGR workshop teaches the importance of creating a pitch bible no matter if you are creating a tv show, short or feature film, and, or web-series.

A pitch bible is a creative, sales tool that writers/creators use to fully develop and pitch their projects to networks, production companies and in some cases investors. It also helps you when constructing your pitch.

The webinar will explore how to create all of the elements that make up a winning pitch bible; including, log-line, premise, overview, characters, genre, mood/tone, story arc, episodes and/or structure and how to create a bible that stands out from the rest.  Too often pitch bible and other materials simply list the facts. This webinar will add the creativity of storytelling and your project’s facts in one!

In this workshop, I use case studies of winning bibles to draw conclusions to what works and why. Q & A is built into this workshop.

I need your help! I’ve created a 3 question survey to finalize all details. It’s simple I want to narrow down a date for the 3-day webinar, a cost (YES! I’m leaving that up to you), and I want to make sure it includes what you want to know!

Help me, will you?

Take the survey here


Squeaky Moore

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