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You have one burning question that you absolutely must know to pitch effectively. What is it? 

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Should you wait for a fully developed idea to pitch?


Please do. Don’t mess up the relationship you have with a half-assed idea. Sorry to be so frank here. I'm simply trying to drive home my point.  And save you! If I could put it in bold I would, but that may come off the wrong way. 😊

Going in half prepared can possibly ruin your chances of ever getting back in that room again. I’m not saying it hasn’t been done successfully before, but that usually happens with seasoned professionals who have already proven themselves. We can't at this point in our careers afford the luxury of only pitching concepts. What if they have questions? Oh, they'll have questions!  

How does that come off anyway? Going in with only a concept? 

Say Ford motor company comes to you to sell you a concept of a car. After hearing about this concept, you'll start to ask questions about design, mechanics, engineering... what if their answer is,

 "I haven't quite gotten that far yet, but I'm working on it!

What would you say? Probably,

 "Okay, let me know when you've completed it! Sounds very exciting." 

You certainly won't just buy their new car based on their unfinished concept. Would you?  I'm almost certain a network won't either.  They will want to know more. Well, in this business we can't be sure of next time, so it's best to go in prepared the first time. 

I have a friend who pitched a network, the network loved the idea, gave money to shoot a test pilot. Then the person driving the project left the network. Guess what happened to the show? Put on hold....held... then nothing. 


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Be Creative and Pitch perfectly.

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