Barriers Will Get In Your Way – Here’s What I Do

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Sometimes barriers will get in your way and stop your progression. When this happens, what do you do?

I remember my first time dealing with a pitching barrier after Setting out to pitch 100 times. 100 Times!!  What was I thinking? Were there even 100 people I could pitch? I remember one day feeling defeated after being told "We don't accept unsolicited materials or pitches.  You must have an agent."  I laid on my sofa wondering, "What in the hell had I gotten myself into?" Furthermore, "How in the hell could I get out, without my accountability partners and all of my social media friends knowing I quit the journey not even 10 pitches into it?" Drats. 

My barrier came with The Will Packer agency's development executive. Something about her nice way of saying, "Unfortunately, I can't take your pitch," had me all in my feelings! DEJECTED. Eventually, I rose above it. I get it. It's the business. Besides, she doesn't know me...yet. But she will...soon. Still, I managed to introduce myself and some of my work. It was the start of a relationship. Perspective is everything! 😊

Your barriers can be anything: being told "no" when trying to set up pitch meetings, or not having enough money to shoot your project, or perhaps it could be writers block. When you feel you've done all you could to break down the wall, and it still persists like a tough force that you can't seem to break through. You need a toolkit of things that can help you through your barrier.

Here are some of the things my toolkit consist of:

Mantras and affirmations: I repeat positive mantras. They help tremendously. 

Podcasts: Sometimes I  listen to podcasts with topics that are similar to mine. 

Reading: I read the Bible and pray for answers. I also read books unrelated to writing but creative nonetheless. (In my reading list right now is: The 10x Rule, Think and Grow Rich, and I Can't Make This Up.)

But, usually I get a nudge, and the voice inside my head says, "the answer is within you." 

 I'm reminded to allow myself time in each day or out of the week to think on ways I can be most productive and think outside the box.  What does that mean anyway, "outside the box?" For me, this may mean that I look at other modeled films or genres or scripts to find inspiration.  This may have me draw inspiration from other things like music, or motivational speakers, history or art, or I may find interesting ways of breaking through doors from someone's story of success that isn't in my industry. (I list ways of getting in the door in my book).

This voice often reminds me of the passionate reason I started writing, creating or pitching; it reminds me of my ultimate goals. 

This voice, sometimes suggests a short rest to allow my thoughts to work for me and not against me, to figure out a solution to my problem. "It's all within me," I keep repeating. The answer is all within me. 
Do you have a toolkit of things to get you over your barriers? Your answer may be within you too. Just stop what you are doing and say repeatedly, "The answer is within me." Then rest. Your answer will come. 

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