10 Common Mistakes Content Creators Make Pitching

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Mistakes. We all make them. However, the differences between people that win and lose are how they apply the lessons learned from the mistakes they’ve made.  In this video, I explain common mistakes made by content creators when pitching. Unfortunately, … Read More

Short Pitch Test 

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It’s Strategy Time!!!! Let’s work on creating our short pitch.  If you were in an elevator going to the 20th floor with Director Ron Howard or Will Packer, or a literary agent what would you say about your project?  Please … Read More

Getting Pitch Meetings Without An Agent: 7 Proven Steps to Include In Your Email Pitch

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You need to get through some doors but don’t have agency representation? I find this to be the biggest pain point for most independent content creators.   But, now more so than ever, with the future of television migrating to … Read More

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