Squeaky Then, Squeaky Now…Let me tell you my story 

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What skill do most pitchers have that makes them stand out from the pack? Well, let me tell you a story about two people I know, Squeaky then and Squeaky now. They’re both creative content creators. They’re both unrepresented by … Read More

TIP of the Day

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Sharing a TIP from my book, #100Pitches:Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To. I had a deep conversation about the industry and pitching when I interviewed Tracey Baker Simmons (Creator of Being Bobby Brown, The Houston’s, and Bobby Christina … Read More

#100Pitches:  TIP on Writing Overviews and A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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TIP on Writing Overviews and my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… There is so much going on with The Pitch 101, and I don’t want you to miss especially since, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! But more on that later. In my NEW … Read More

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