Christmas gifts from The Pitch 101

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Hey fellow content creators! 

Because you've blessed me, this is for you.

I'm sending you Christmas tidings and blessings.

You have been there for me and have shown much love and support simply by engaging in my newsletters and posts on all of my social media platforms and because of your generous gift of time and support, I come bearing a couple of gifts of my own...

The first thing in your gift bag is 2 FREE chapters of my forthcoming book. (Did you know I was writing a book)? Well, I want to gift you with two whole chapters of #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To, for FREE! #100Pitches, uncovers the steps, strategies and the dos and dont's of pitching that will help you make the best and most effective use of every situation, opportunity, and resource. And I am giving two chapters away to you for FREE.

Tis the season for giving and you have been awesome to me this year. So, if you would like to receive two chapters of my book for FREE, sign up when prompted here at this site and once the book is published you will get a notification along with the 2 chapters sent directly to your email! 

I understand as a "working" entrepreneur and content creator that money is not always available to you to do the things you'd really like to do with all of the creativity stirring in your souls. Trust me, I know first hand what that feels like. However, I have learned from people I admire like Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Tyler Perry, and many more that when I don't have the resources, I have to be a little more creative or inventive to make my ideas come to fruition. So for your 2nd Christmas gift, I've included a list of things I do when I don't have the resources to do what I desperately want to do creatively, and I want to share them with you:

1. Open your mind to think outside the box. Think about the subject matter or themes to see if there are people who have an emotional connection about the themes of your project who would want to attach themselves for the cause alone!

2. Barter services. I'll work on your set, if you work on mine, or I'll shoot your film, if you edit mine.

3. Ask friends to brainstorm solutions. They don't have to be in the same industry either! They may have tried something with marketing or otherwise that worked really well and can translate into what you are doing. 

4. Consider using cheaper but great alternatives like putting ads out on Craigslist, Elance, fiverr, 99 Designs

5. Consider using public service channel equipment or locations of people you know for credits

6. Ask equipment companies for sponsorship. 

7. Ask restaurants for sponsorships for craft services in exchange for your audience. 

8. Get busy working on another project while your mind works to figure out how to resolve your current problem. 

9. Ask your friends to help you market your project. Word of mouth is the best marketing.

10. Give to someone in need- it helps your creative juices and people tend to want to help you afterwards. 

Did I leave anything out? I'm sure I didn't think of them all. Feel free to share your inventive resourceful ideas with me in the comments below. 

I love you all! 


Squeaky Moore

Don't forget to sign up for your FREE chapters of #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To. 

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