Does This Interest You? A Pitch Bible that Get’s Results!

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Hey pitchers!

I believe one of the biggest issues with pitching is that we lack the knowledge to put together the proper materials! At least that was my biggest mistake. It wasn't that I wasn't prepared to pitch my project, it was that I was unaware that the materials I was presenting were all wrong!

I'll soon be offering this as a workshop to a women's organization, but was interested to see how many others would like to learn how to create pitching materials that win; specifically the format bible, one-sheet, and show bible? If you need to strengthen your materials, (which will ultimately help your pitch), then let me know of you interest, subscribe to the site if you aren't already subscribed, and stay tuned in for more information!

**A Pitch Bible that Get’s Results**

This 3 day webinar will go in depth into the importance of creating a pitch bible, the elements that make up a pitch bible, and how to create a bible that stands out from the rest. In this webinar, I use case studies of winning bibles to draw conclusions to what works and why. Q & A is built into this webinar.

Let me know what you think.

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