DREAMS IN DRIVE: Squeaky Moore On Perfecting Your Pitch & Living Your Best Life

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Hey Pitch Guru's,

I recently was interviewed by Rana Campbell on her Dreams In Drive Podcast. I share my keys to hearing more YES's in the pitch room and how creative entrepreneurs can truly live in their purpose.


– My most vivid childhood memory

– How to figure out your purpose

– Balancing life as an actor w/ her full-time career

– Are you wasting your time?

–  Vetting opportuntiies

– When I knew I had to pursue my dreams for the first time

– Living your best life

– Top pitching mistakes many creatives make

– What makes a great pitch

– Developing the concept for my #100Pitches

– Credibility

– Overcoming challenges along my journey

– Self-sabotage

– Having the faith of an atheist

– Gaining self-awareness

– The importance of spirituality

Listen to the INTERVIEW

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