Dying to learn how to pitch?

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Dying to learn how to pitch? Fear not, here are two ways I can help:

1. Consider using these 5 universal tips that will help anyone who is pitching anything!

• Fear is all in the mind: what you affirm repeatedly will have a great effect on the story your body tells before you ever speak a word and how you deliver your pitch. You should feel confident and bold knowing that you are presenting an opportunity to whoever you are pitching. Declare this 100x: I courageously sell my _____________!

• Engage: It’s important to use hand gestures when it comes to engaging and capturing attention. So, lean in, and as you start telling your pitch, use your hands to draw your listeners in.

• Research: The best pitchers are the best stalkers...I mean, researchers. One can learn anything on the Internet. So learn all you can about the person you are pitching and use what you learn within your pitch.

• Networking: Building relationships are key. Start building long before you pitch if you can. Like a status, comment on a tweet, give helpful advice that you know they may need. Networking is about giving not getting. (Hint: you will know the need by the research you do.

• Be mission minded: Find where your missions are conjoined with the person you are pitching.

2.COME TO THE BOOK RELEASE, WORKSHOP, INDUSTRY PANEL AND NETWORKING EVENT! Learn more specific tips on how to pitch to networks, production companies, investors and talent, and how to pitch yourself to major media outlets! CHICAGO IS NEXT, THEN LA!!!


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