I’m a BOSS Pitch: 10 BOSS ways to pitch your heart out every time!

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I'm a boss pitch and here are 10 BOSS ways to pitch your heart out every time!

On a recent pitch meeting, (that went well by the way), I did a few things differently that I want to keep in my regimen for future pitches. These new things helped me to gain even more clarity behind what I was offering the entertainment company. I boss's up in a way I believe I'd never done before. I was an expert. I was passionate. I was innovative! I was a BOSS PITCH!

But, there were also several logistical things I did before my pitch that worked in my favor and afforded me a win in the end. I want to share them with you in hopes that you can implement them or create your own similar steps so that your next pitch could be dynamic too!

Here is what made me a BOSS Pitch:

* My research was dynamic! I researched everything! I read several articles on the people I was meeting with. I researched the company and all the latest smart business moves they've made, as well as, the negative press. I used my research in my pitch and I could see their eyes light up when I knew things not really related...but related. For instance, mentioning something a person specialized in in two jobs prior. Ex: "You know what I mean, Sally, you're big into generations, blah,blah, blah."

* I reached out to people outside of my industry (or who'd had more knowledge than me in certain areas) to get their expertise about the space I would be pitching about. I shared mypitch and asked them to find loopholes. I wanted to find and fix everything wrong with my idea before my meeting.

* I sought advice from a marketing guru. I wanted to know how to market my project. I believe this information would help further shape my idea. And it did greatly! From a marketing perspective, it informed me of things I never once thought about!

* I practiced my pitch with 4 different people. The people all had different, but relatable backgrounds, and they all gave me unique feedback.

* Before my pitch I read over my notes and practiced in my head. If you can complete a 15-20 minute pitch in your head without getting distracted by the noisy world, then it's engrained in your heart. I knew all of the important points to hit.

* A marketing friend asked me to end my pitch with a question that forces me to know how my idea falls in line with what they are seeking. That question was the perfect way to conclude the meeting! A simple question that could work for anyone, "How does what I presented, fall in line with the needs of your company?

* I asked if they had any questions or concerns I could address.

* I gave my book as a business card. That was really fun. They regarded me as an expert, I could tell. Hundreds of thousands of people want to write books and never do it, so if you've completed one, that alone moves you up in the minds of others and makes you an expert.

* I did a fantastic morning ritual that included meditating, visualizing, affirmations, intentional breathing, reading, and writing and saying gratitudes.

* Last, I told a lot of stories. After counting, my pitch ended up having 8 stories in it. At the end of my meeting, everyone said "I love your stories, and your passion." I simply told stories of experiences I'd had or things I heard that made sense and related to what I was pitching.

There you have it, 10 things that could make you a BOSS PITCH!

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