Let’s Go #100 Times Harder!

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So, the year is rounding out and I realize that there is so much to do to dominate this year as I planned to in January.

"I have to go harder!" As I look over the content I've been putting out on social media and the things I've been doing to progress my career, I ask myself if I've exhausted the biggest resource I have; my energy, and the answer is admittedly "NO" When I think on it, I'm only using about 50% (maybe less) of my energy.

It is time for a change!

I'm of the mindset now that I have to go after my goals #100 times harder in order to see the type of success I really want to see.

I know my dreams won't come to fruition easy. That's why I'm changing my mindset about the actions I take to reach my goals over these final 3 months of the year.

Do you feel the same way?

If so, it's imperative that you go all out to make your dreams come to fruition. In doing this, here are 4 things you can do to go harder and finish out the year strong!

  1. Write out your ultimate goals.
  2. Now go #100 times bigger. What would those goals look like now if you did this?Now, you are thinking big!
  3. Ask yourself, "What would I have to do to achieve this goal?"
  4. Do it!

Are you consumed with your goals?

So, here is how I plan to dominate these last 3 months using my energy alone...

I've decided to put out 1,000 pieces of content on all social media outlets!! That's roughly 333 posts monthly. Which is approximately 11 bits of content a day. But who's counting? Oh Lordy!

So, what's your plan? How will you use your energy?

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