Most of What We See On Air, Comes From Our Reality.

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We are all living on a reality show.

At least that's how I feel. Everyday. As I learn about the latest political folly, via twitter or the news, (Yes, I wake to check my Twitter news feed with anticipation of foolery), I think about the mandates of networks and studios, and how their decisions of what they green-light are influenced by our day-to-day

Shonda Rhimes said, (in her Masterclass), that she gets her ideas from what she reads in newspapers or watches in the news. It's true, most of our creativity comes from our realities. Shonda is on to something. That's also why reality TV is such a craze!

Today, when my news feed alerted me that Donald Trump (or his persona), would once again return to living rooms across our nation, I halted. I put down my pen on the plot I was writing and I tuned into my news feed (and social media platforms 😁) for interesting stories because that is what our nation, or at least what the television and film buyers think people want to see.

That said, do you think you will tune into the "Fire and Fury" show once it's airs?


I wonder who will write a story on the disgusting acts of Larry Nasser and the Weinstein's of the world? Maybe you will.

I hope this news inspires you to Go forth. Observe. Create!


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