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Anyone see Issa Rae in that amazing dress?!?! Wasn't she beautiful!

Okay, I loved what Issa had to say about building her audience, and keeping her voice while creating for the bigwigs. She learned some very hard lessons about her creative voice while trying to get her show on air. What are your takeaways?

LISTEN HERE: Create & Cultivate with Issa Rae

Squeaky Moore – Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To (Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.)

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Have you experienced failure and was gripped by so much fear that you almost haven't taken any other risks since you've failed?

I'm sharing this interview because it's extremely inspiring. The host, Aimee J., asks such awesome questions and pulled such inspiration from the tough life lessons I've learned from my perceived failures, that I think you can benefit from listening and find the motivation to jump back in the game again!

I was not expecting to take a deep dive into my fears and setbacks, but they are the reason for why I drive so hard towards success today. That’s why I'm excited for you to listen to this interview with Aimee J., host of the Chasing Dreams Podcast because she knows how to bring out all of the good stuff!

In this episode, I answer the question:

“What exactly constitutes failure?”

I believe that it isn’t really what most people think it is! "Often, we perceive our efforts as a failure, simply because the outcome wasn’t what we wanted or expected. Dealing with disappointment and fear is part of life, and it doesn’t equal failure. Mistakes are just the steps we must take on our way to the success we will become!"

TWEET: If you ask WHY enough, then you’ll get to the core of the #fear. @squeakymoore

Check out the episode here on Chasing Dreams


• [1:32] Bravery in writing about making mistakes

• [2:09] Squeaky’s dreams and transitions within entertainment

• [5:00] When your dream shuts down: overcoming the fear

• [12:45] The 9-year drought: believing the lie

• [20:30] Identifying fears

• [23:28] Squeaky’s book

• [33:31] Having a different mindset: identify your ASKS

• [38:40] SO many lessons that apply to life

• [41:26] The 100 pitches: the best and the worst

• [47:35] Knowing what’s constructive and what’s not

• [49:18] Squeaky’s ONE action for a dream chaser

Character Breakdowns: Who Would Play One Of Your Characters?

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Character Breakdowns: How Much Thought Do You Put Into Choosing Who You’d Like To Play Your Characters?

I love to get behind the minds of writers and directors when it comes to choosing people to play the roles of the characters they’ve written. I always think, I wonder what made them choose this actress or actor?

I like Director, Dee Rees’ thinking when she was packaging her film Mudbound. She thought outside of the box. In her words, she chooses the "unexpected" choice.

Here is what Dee Rees had to say about pitching to cast singer Mary J. Bilge in the Mudbound film.

“Let’s talk about Mary J. Blige, who disappears in the role of Florence. Many people have said they can’t believe it’s her.”

“Yeah, totally. Her manager, Shakim [Compere], also manages Queen Latifah, so I knew Shakim from “Bessie.” I called Shakim and said, “Hey, do you think there’s any way Mary would want to do this?” I had also gone to CAA, and in the first meeting, I said, “I want Mary. Would she be willing?” For me, it was a long shot. It was a Hail Mary. But she said yes.

I just really wanted someone unexpected. I wanted someone for Florence who could have this very reserved exterior but have a very empathetic, alive, vulnerable inner life. With Mary’s music, if you’ve been to her concerts, it’s literally like a therapy session for thousands of people. She’s not just performing; she’s living it. Every verse, she’s reliving the heartbreak or she’s reliving the joy, and you feel it. I needed a character that can make people feel, and I knew she could bring it.”


Shonda Rhimes to has a unique way of choosing actors to play the roles she creates. She said that it she doesn't make her decision based on ethnicity when she's casting. In fact, she doesn't even specify the characters ethnicities, and in some cases, though she has an image in mind, she keeps an open mind and let the audition inform her on who to choose to play her characters.


So, this makes me wonder...

If you could have your wish, who would you like to see play one of your characters? Why? What are the important criteria for choosing your cast?


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Hey Creative People!

I've decided to gift you with a tip that will help you with your pitches! My gift to you is...


The one-sheet is a very important creative document about your project. Often, it’s the one document that a development executive will ask for either before or after listening to your pitch.

Your one-sheet should convey your passion for your story and get buyers excited about it, too. This means you have to use your amazing storytelling capabilities to write a concise and compelling one-sheet. Did you get that? The biggest mistake content creators make is leaving the creativity out of their pitch materials. But, not you! If you've written your script already, know that NOW IS THE TIME TO AMP UP YOUR CREATIVITY to create a compelling one-sheet.

If your one-sheet is the only document that the prospective buyer reads to make a determination for you to pitch or uses to pitch your project to the higher-ups after you've pitched him, then it needs to be written creatively well.

In case you didn't know, a one-sheet should only be as long as one page and it should summarize the entirety of your project. Before you get started creating it, you should be sure to think through all of the important elements of your project so that you can summarize it into the perfect one sheet.

The one-sheet should explain briefly:

  1. The title, genre, length.
  2. The logline
  3. The overview of your story: what is your project about overall?
  4. The premise: how the pilot or film begins.
  5. The main character, their conflict, and arc.
  6. Location/setting/visual style.
  7. If a tv show, what the audience can expect to see each episode.
  8. Themes/mood/tone.
  9. If a tv show, what is the episode structure?
  10. If a film, plot points and story arc.

11. If a tv show, discuss what the seasons would be about and the season arcs.

I hope this blog can help many of you create amazing and compelling one-sheets!

Happy Holidays!

Squeaky Moore

The Pitch Guru

What’s Next: Are You Ready To Ride The Wave?

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One thing I've learned while profiling content creators for my book, #100Pitches: Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To, is that you have to have a “what’s next” plan.

You have a project that is your baby! You spend all of your time working on that baby and don't think about what comes next. There isn't anything wrong with pouring so much into the project that you love so much, but you can't stop there; you can't pour ALL into it.

For one content creator, in particular, not having a plan in place for the future; the bigger picture, left her hanging in the balance without anything to do to further her career. That executive producer told me that not having a plan was a true downfall for her because she didn't ride the wave she was on after producing two successful reality shows. She simply didn't take an advantage of the momentum she had.

We have to be ready to ride the wave!

I think one person who has done well in this area is Issa Rae. Issa is riding the wave and boy is it a good wave!

Considering this, ask yourself, "If my baby was picked up on air or finally in theaters, what would I do next?"

Are you ready yo ride the wave?

Congrats Issa on your pipeline!



The Pitch 101 Content Creator’s Manifesto 2k18

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Hi Creators!

I’ve created a manifesto for all of us to use in 2018!

I believe what we say and do helps to bring our goals and dreams to fruition. It keeps us focus on the target. I’ll be using this picture as a screensaver on my phone to remind me to declare it daily as many times as I can say it.

Join me.

I want to see many wins from you this year. I'm already excited about the future!

The Pitch 101 Manifesto

A PITCH GURU is someone who knows how to communicate their ideas effectivel

A PITCH GURU is someone who is a great storyteller and exudes passion. They KNOW they are CREATIVE, a LEADER, and a VISIONARY. They have a message to share, a solution for a problem, and a unique way of communicating.

PITCH GURU’s aren’t affected by the “old age” rules put in place by the so-called “big wigs of HOLLYWOOD”. They are a NEW BREED of creatives with a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" attitude.

If you ask a PITCH GURU about having an agent, they'll tell you that they aren't stopped by those "agent only - no unsolicited material," closed-door policies. Those policies only FUEL them to find another way, FORCE them to walk through other doors or to CREATE their own lane.

PITCH GURUS recognize that "NO" is not universal. They BUILD and CULTIVATE their own relationships to use at the right time.


PITCH GURUS look FEAR in the face and SELL their ideas courageously!


DEVELOP great stories.

CREATE great characters.

IMAGINE great worlds.

WRITE great scripts. 

I am only one PITCH away from getting green-lit.

#letsgetgreenlit #2k18

Whom Shall I Pitch My Film or Television Project To? 

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Someone recently asked, "Who should I pitch to?" They had already shot a web series, had been receiving great reviews, and were interested in pitching it as a series to a network. But they didn’t know where to start.

The advice I give to anyone seeking to know where and to whom they should pitch their idea is this.

It’s always best to do a mind map or mind dump when attempting to figure out who to pitch. First, if you haven’t already done this, you want to get to the core of what your show is about so that you can get it into the home of your most perfect viewer. Many times I hear people say, "I want to pitch to all the networks." But, your project can't be perfect for everyone! Your project is unique to a specific demographic and you need to figure out who that demo is.

To establish who the ideal audience is you first should know the themes of your show and to whom you have created it. Clarity is key here. Ask yourself, what is my show about? Is it about finding Love? The thrill of a challenge? Forgiveness or life after divorce? Is it a show for hopeless romantics, troubled women, damsels in distress, single women DIY’ers, or is it a guy – humor type of show? For 25-49-year-olds?

The more info you can dump into your map, the better. It’s almost like the car commercial where the man says, “I want a car.” And every car known to man fills the television screen. Then he says, “A red car,” and immediately all of the other cars that aren't red exit the screen. Then he becomes more and more specific about the car he wants, "A sedan." Until he's left with the car of his dreams.

Your mind map should do the same for you. The more you brainstorm about the themes, demographics, and other important attributes your of your show, the narrower the network lane becomes. And this is okay. Your show will not be perfect for everyone.

After you’ve done this, you can create a wish list based on the networks that share the same demographics and themes.

A great question to start with is: What shows on television are similar to mine in topic, mood and tone, and demographics and what networks are they on? Similarly, you can do the same for your films. Which companies have distributed, produced or put out films like mine? When packaging your projects, you can ask what executive producers have produced shows like mine. It may take a little research on your end to come up with a comprehensive list for each of the categories above, but it’s worth it. You certainly don’t want to go to a network, production company or an executive producer and pitch a fast, action-driven, gun blazing, crime-fighting show, and they are known most for doing dramas for women. You are wasting everyone’s time and doing yourself and possibly your career a tremendous disservice!

So, to avoid this career disaster, do everyone a favor and start with a mind map. You can thank me later or in the comment section below. 🙂


Squeaky Moore

The Film Mechanic of Screenwriting was a blast! [VIDEO COURSE]

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Hey Content Creator,

I just finished hosting a very special guest LIVE on Facebook at The Pitch 101 Community page.

Screenwriter, Deri Tyton, gave some really phenomenal tips on writing story, plot, dramatic action, and so much more!

So many people tuned in to hear his great takeaways. If you missed it, you can catch the REPLAY here!

Leave a comment and let me know what your most favorite takeaway was!

Mine was his explanation of the difference between story and plot...or maybe it was the one about writing the answer to the central dramatic question throughout... 🤔

There were so many! < a href="https://www.facebook.com/thepitch101community/videos/2080807265481911/">WATCH THE REPLAY HERE

[VIDEO] How to Pitch with a Proof of Concept Video AND MORE

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In this 3 minute video I created, I discuss if having a proof of concept for your pitch is a good idea or not and how to pitch with it. As a bonus, I discuss how to answer the question, "Tell me more about you?" You can check out the video HERE.

A Pitch Bible That Get Results 3-Day Webinar

Squeaky, are you taking the upcoming webinar? You really should if you are a filmmaker or TV show creator. I've seen many poorly executed pitch materials, where the content creator think they've done well with them, only to learn the hard way that the materials they've created didn't have the necessary elements in it for the decision makers to be well informed, or worse, they didn't create any at all.

Here is what you can expect to get from taking the webinar:

• I will share techniques on creating pitch materials that most likely has NEVER been shared before.  In the webinar, I will teach you unique ways of creating overviews, synopsis's, character descriptions, log-lines, locations and settings, and more that will help your materials speak for themselves if you've never pitched a word!

• For all of you who are creating formats (think American Idol, The Voice, Bachelor, The Rap Game), I will go through each element that makes up the format bible.

• Not only will you have a better understanding of the various bibles, what they are comprised of, and what sets them a part, we will also take a look at look books and breakdown how to create them as well!  (I will show examples of some beautiful look books that demonstrate great storytelling)!

• Additionally, you will have access to a SECRET Facebook group where I will host an ASK ME ANYTHING follow up LIVE exactly one week later. This is a great thing! You will have a full week to process and implement all that was discuss during our time together, then send me your specific questions so I can ask them LIVE!

Are you still on the fence about taking the webinar?  Do you have any other questions that I can answer for you so that you can make a determination as to if this webinar is for you? If so, hit reply and send me your specific questions. I want to answer them for you. (or you can email info@thepitch101.com)


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