What Do You Need From Me? Help me, Help You?

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Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Hey, Hey!

Can you believe we only have 2 months left this year?!?

Welp, that's exactly why I'm reaching out to you.

I'll be doing a few free and paid tele-seminars and webinars along with some blogs to help you prepare for the new year!

With pilot season around the corner, as well as, the "goal setting" season upon us, I want to offer as much help as I can based on everything I've learn up to now in the entertainment industry, regarding pitching, and in life. Yes, LIFE! Sometimes, it becomes important to tackle life issues, because they get in the way of you reaching our highest potential. Two years ago, when I tapped in to some serious life and goal threatening development issues that were getting in my way of reaching the pinnacle of my succession, I felt freed to become my best self! And from this point on, everything should be about reaching your highest potential and bring forth your best self so you could win at life and in your career!

Some of the topics I want to discuss that have been really quite effective for me this year as an author, mom and wife, content creator, speaker and coach are:

• Goal-setting and building a strategy

• Clearing the clutter

• Self development

• How to know you are settling for less

• Mind-mapping as it relates to creating content

• Mind-mapping your pitch

• On-line group pitching challenges

• Mock pitch sessions via ZOOM!

. Writing a book: clearing distractions, getting clear, and creating a plan!

That's just to name a few. But, I want to make sure I'm giving you want YOU need.

I'd love if you could answer this short 6 question survey.

Take SURVEY here!

3 Ways To Prepare To Win at Your Next Pitch Meeting!

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Did you assume that because you sent over your pitching materials to a potential buyer, that they've actually read through them? Well, here are 3 ways to prepare to win at your next pitch meeting regardless if they've read them or not.

Today, in a coaching session I helped prepare my client, (perhaps saved her from an impending disaster), to win!

I recently sat in a pitch meeting watching a young lady try to pitch after learning the materials she'd sent over hadn't been read before her pitch meeting. I can tell it threw her for a loop.

Oh Lord, where do I start now?

registered across her face, after she was told the aforementioned. Of course, she stumbled through a somewhat impromptu pitch because she'd prepared something different; she'd prepared to discuss what was sent over prior to her meeting.

My client, whom I was coaching today assumed the same; that the person she was meeting with read through her bible and script.

Code Red.

This is where I fly in with my cape and my TPG crown and save her! (TPG...the pitch guru?!? Duh.)

My advice to her, was the same that I share with you below.

Read and take heed!

Do not assume because you sent over your pitching materials to someone you are pitching that they've actually read through them. Honestly, there barely is ever anytime to read through 90+ pages of materials, and even if they have a team member who reads through this stuff, and marks a "consider" on the good reads before passing them on to the decision maker, you still have to assume that either the decision maker took their trusted companions word, or have only read through the brief synopsis that the trusted reader wrote. But NEVER assume they read word for word your 10-30 page bible and/or 90-120 page script!

Here is what I suggest you do in a pitching situation where you've previously sent over your materials:


1. First, ask if they've had a chance to read over the materials you sent ahead of the meeting. Based on their response,

2. Prepare a pitch for both situations.

* Pitch A- The Blind Pitch - is sort of like a blind date you've been set up on where you are getting to know this person for the first time. It's a pitch where you are selling the most important details of your project from start to finish; pilot to finale or from Act 1, to Act 3. Practice selling yourself in 7 minutes. Then check in to see if they follow before continuing on.

* Pitch B- Match.com Pitch - This is a pitch, sort of like finding a match on a dating site. You already have started the getting to know process online, by phone or text, but this first date, takes you a bit deeper. You should reiterate your quick synopsis, and then talk about other important facts of your project that your materials may not have addressed or that are necessary to reiterate because they are points that the buyer must be clear on. Discussing topics like your themes, your why, how it all relate to the world in which we live, how you see subsequent seasons going; the sequel, and/or your wish-lists are points to bring up in your pitch.

You can't go wrong if you practice both ways! And for my final tip...

3. Create an agenda of the top 5 or 6 things that you MUST mention in your pitch so that no matter which scenario you encounter, you will leave knowing you've pitched all of the most important details about your project!

My point is to forewarn you and prepare you for the unexpected. Practicing both ways will alleviate you from feeling stuck at the realization that the pitchee has not done their homework!

If you don't have my book, #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To, this means we are on a blind date! Buy it now on Amazon!

Check out a couple of the reviews:


Register now! Get in the room!

Do You Want To Win? 

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You want to win, but have you figured out a strategy for success? Winners are obsessed with victory. Winners are strategizing when others are resting. Winners give #100 percent of their efforts.

So, if you want to win, set your goals today, and build a plan and strategy around them!



I'm going #100!





Announcing the #100Pitches Giveaway #1

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Today's #100Pitches Giveaway!!

Today, I'll be giving away 2 FREE tickets to the #100Pitches: Entertainment Industry Pitch Event, Book-Release, Workshop, Panel Discussion & Power Networking for Content Creators for CHICAGO & Los Angeles!!! (Yes, there will be 2 Winners!)

With this ticket you'll have access to:

• A pitching workshop

• Access to high-ranking entertainment industry development executives

• Opportunity to meet industry insiders who you can begin building relationships with

• A networking reception meet & greet

• A chance to shift your career in the right direction

More info about the event and the industry expert panelists here:



1. I'll be posting this giveaway on all social media. (Thepitch101community on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) Repost this event with the content copied and pasted into the status again.

2. At 9pm ET, I'll raffle off the names of the people who reposted, and announce the winner by video!

3. The winner will also receive another entertainment gift package as a bonus!!!!

It’s a #100Pitches GIVEAWAY week!

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It's a #100Pitches GIVEAWAY week!

This week, I'll be giving away some amazing prizes!

So stay tuned in every day to learn how you can win these amazing prizes:

1. #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To Book. Valued at $24.95

2. Tickets to the #100Pitches Book Release, Workshop & Industry panel in a city near you. Valued at $47

3. 1-hour pitching coaching session. Valued @ $297

Make sure you subscribe today for a chance to win!

Giveaways start tomorrow 9/18/2017

Dying to learn how to pitch?

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Dying to learn how to pitch? Fear not, here are two ways I can help:

1. Consider using these 5 universal tips that will help anyone who is pitching anything!

• Fear is all in the mind: what you affirm repeatedly will have a great effect on the story your body tells before you ever speak a word and how you deliver your pitch. You should feel confident and bold knowing that you are presenting an opportunity to whoever you are pitching. Declare this 100x: I courageously sell my _____________!

• Engage: It’s important to use hand gestures when it comes to engaging and capturing attention. So, lean in, and as you start telling your pitch, use your hands to draw your listeners in.

• Research: The best pitchers are the best stalkers...I mean, researchers. One can learn anything on the Internet. So learn all you can about the person you are pitching and use what you learn within your pitch.

• Networking: Building relationships are key. Start building long before you pitch if you can. Like a status, comment on a tweet, give helpful advice that you know they may need. Networking is about giving not getting. (Hint: you will know the need by the research you do.

• Be mission minded: Find where your missions are conjoined with the person you are pitching.

2.COME TO THE BOOK RELEASE, WORKSHOP, INDUSTRY PANEL AND NETWORKING EVENT! Learn more specific tips on how to pitch to networks, production companies, investors and talent, and how to pitch yourself to major media outlets! CHICAGO IS NEXT, THEN LA!!!


My Takeaways From The Practice Your Pitch Event [Video]

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It's soooo important to practice your pitch!

I was one of the panelist at BRIC's Practice Your Pitch event and saw and gave feedback to around 15 pitches. I've comprised my takeaways from the event. They cover the most common issues I witnessed with answers to resolving the problems. I also discussed the difference between being good and great at pitching, and how this pitch fest inspired me!

The day after, I received this message 👇🏽 below from one of the "great" pitchers... and now, I see why her pitch was one of the great ones!

I'm so glad to know that my #100Pitches book is helping Content Creators! Yay!!!



I went live on FACEBOOK recently to give my takeaways of the Practice Your Pitch event at BRIC. If the video doesn't play, click the link.ideo ]

REGISTER FOR #100Pitches Book Tour CHICAGO NOW!!!!

Let’s Go #100 Times Harder!

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So, the year is rounding out and I realize that there is so much to do to dominate this year as I planned to in January.

"I have to go harder!" As I look over the content I've been putting out on social media and the things I've been doing to progress my career, I ask myself if I've exhausted the biggest resource I have; my energy, and the answer is admittedly "NO" When I think on it, I'm only using about 50% (maybe less) of my energy.

It is time for a change!

I'm of the mindset now that I have to go after my goals #100 times harder in order to see the type of success I really want to see.

I know my dreams won't come to fruition easy. That's why I'm changing my mindset about the actions I take to reach my goals over these final 3 months of the year.

Do you feel the same way?

If so, it's imperative that you go all out to make your dreams come to fruition. In doing this, here are 4 things you can do to go harder and finish out the year strong!

  1. Write out your ultimate goals.
  2. Now go #100 times bigger. What would those goals look like now if you did this?Now, you are thinking big!
  3. Ask yourself, "What would I have to do to achieve this goal?"
  4. Do it!

Are you consumed with your goals?

So, here is how I plan to dominate these last 3 months using my energy alone...

I've decided to put out 1,000 pieces of content on all social media outlets!! That's roughly 333 posts monthly. Which is approximately 11 bits of content a day. But who's counting? Oh Lordy!

So, what's your plan? How will you use your energy?

Have you read #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To, yet?

You want to dominate the room when you pitch? Here are some options: COACH with me and/or BUY the book. #100Pitches




Storytelling: The Right Stories Told the Right Way

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Squeaky Then, Squeaky Now:

Let me tell you my story...

What skill do most pitchers have that makes them stand out from the pack?

Well, let me tell you a story about two people I know, Squeaky then and Squeaky now.

They’re both creative content creators. They’re both unrepresented by an agent. They both are pretty known in the industry, and have helped many projects see the light of day.

But there’s a big difference between them.

Squeaky now has been able to penetrate the wall put up between her, the networks and production companies, while Squeaky then struggled.

They both pitched their content—but Squeaky now, not Squeaky then, gets stopped in the middle of a pitch to be told, "Your pitch is the best I've heard all week!"

They both have developed relationships—but here again, Squeaky now, not Squeaky then, is a "called on" producer/content creator who is invited in the room and has established trust as a content creator who always brings great, well developed content.

What’s the difference?

Squeaky then focused on creating really good projects. Squeaky now does that as well, but squeaky now has learned the key to building relationships and also focuses on making development execs WANT to know more about her content, by telling them compelling stories and aligning the perfect information within her stories when pitching.

Learning how to developed materials and deliver pitches with vivid, emotionally-engaging stories is the “secret sauce” for winning pitches.

When I first started looking to pitch, it was hit or miss. I'd send out hundreds of emails just to get almost as many silent "Nos" in return.

Then I went on a pitching journey to learn to become a better pitcher in every way possible: my development process, my storytelling, my pitching materials, and my relationship building all strengthened tremendously. What was one major thing I learned to do with all the above?

You guessed it… storytelling.

Once I learned to pitch the right stories in the right way, using the right points, and following up with the right materials, I was able to get in the room and build relationships with more development execs.

Being able to tell your story and craft great materials in the best possible way will transform your pitching and your life.

Buy #100Pitches book HERE!

Join me at my book release, workshop and industry panel discussion and networking event in CHICAGO!

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