Dying to learn how to pitch?

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Dying to learn how to pitch? Fear not, here are two ways I can help:

1. Consider using these 5 universal tips that will help anyone who is pitching anything!

• Fear is all in the mind: what you affirm repeatedly will have a great effect on the story your body tells before you ever speak a word and how you deliver your pitch. You should feel confident and bold knowing that you are presenting an opportunity to whoever you are pitching. Declare this 100x: I courageously sell my _____________!

• Engage: It’s important to use hand gestures when it comes to engaging and capturing attention. So, lean in, and as you start telling your pitch, use your hands to draw your listeners in.

• Research: The best pitchers are the best stalkers...I mean, researchers. One can learn anything on the Internet. So learn all you can about the person you are pitching and use what you learn within your pitch.

• Networking: Building relationships are key. Start building long before you pitch if you can. Like a status, comment on a tweet, give helpful advice that you know they may need. Networking is about giving not getting. (Hint: you will know the need by the research you do.

• Be mission minded: Find where your missions are conjoined with the person you are pitching.

2.COME TO THE BOOK RELEASE, WORKSHOP, INDUSTRY PANEL AND NETWORKING EVENT! Learn more specific tips on how to pitch to networks, production companies, investors and talent, and how to pitch yourself to major media outlets! CHICAGO IS NEXT, THEN LA!!!


My Takeaways From The Practice Your Pitch Event [Video]

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It's soooo important to practice your pitch!

I was one of the panelist at BRIC's Practice Your Pitch event and saw and gave feedback to around 15 pitches. I've comprised my takeaways from the event. They cover the most common issues I witnessed with answers to resolving the problems. I also discussed the difference between being good and great at pitching, and how this pitch fest inspired me!

The day after, I received this message 👇🏽 below from one of the "great" pitchers... and now, I see why her pitch was one of the great ones!

I'm so glad to know that my #100Pitches book is helping Content Creators! Yay!!!



I went live on FACEBOOK recently to give my takeaways of the Practice Your Pitch event at BRIC. If the video doesn't play, click the link.ideo ]

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Let’s Go #100 Times Harder!

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So, the year is rounding out and I realize that there is so much to do to dominate this year as I planned to in January.

"I have to go harder!" As I look over the content I've been putting out on social media and the things I've been doing to progress my career, I ask myself if I've exhausted the biggest resource I have; my energy, and the answer is admittedly "NO" When I think on it, I'm only using about 50% (maybe less) of my energy.

It is time for a change!

I'm of the mindset now that I have to go after my goals #100 times harder in order to see the type of success I really want to see.

I know my dreams won't come to fruition easy. That's why I'm changing my mindset about the actions I take to reach my goals over these final 3 months of the year.

Do you feel the same way?

If so, it's imperative that you go all out to make your dreams come to fruition. In doing this, here are 4 things you can do to go harder and finish out the year strong!

  1. Write out your ultimate goals.
  2. Now go #100 times bigger. What would those goals look like now if you did this?Now, you are thinking big!
  3. Ask yourself, "What would I have to do to achieve this goal?"
  4. Do it!

Are you consumed with your goals?

So, here is how I plan to dominate these last 3 months using my energy alone...

I've decided to put out 1,000 pieces of content on all social media outlets!! That's roughly 333 posts monthly. Which is approximately 11 bits of content a day. But who's counting? Oh Lordy!

So, what's your plan? How will you use your energy?

Have you read #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To, yet?

You want to dominate the room when you pitch? Here are some options: COACH with me and/or BUY the book. #100Pitches




Storytelling: The Right Stories Told the Right Way

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Squeaky Then, Squeaky Now:

Let me tell you my story...

What skill do most pitchers have that makes them stand out from the pack?

Well, let me tell you a story about two people I know, Squeaky then and Squeaky now.

They’re both creative content creators. They’re both unrepresented by an agent. They both are pretty known in the industry, and have helped many projects see the light of day.

But there’s a big difference between them.

Squeaky now has been able to penetrate the wall put up between her, the networks and production companies, while Squeaky then struggled.

They both pitched their content—but Squeaky now, not Squeaky then, gets stopped in the middle of a pitch to be told, "Your pitch is the best I've heard all week!"

They both have developed relationships—but here again, Squeaky now, not Squeaky then, is a "called on" producer/content creator who is invited in the room and has established trust as a content creator who always brings great, well developed content.

What’s the difference?

Squeaky then focused on creating really good projects. Squeaky now does that as well, but squeaky now has learned the key to building relationships and also focuses on making development execs WANT to know more about her content, by telling them compelling stories and aligning the perfect information within her stories when pitching.

Learning how to developed materials and deliver pitches with vivid, emotionally-engaging stories is the “secret sauce” for winning pitches.

When I first started looking to pitch, it was hit or miss. I'd send out hundreds of emails just to get almost as many silent "Nos" in return.

Then I went on a pitching journey to learn to become a better pitcher in every way possible: my development process, my storytelling, my pitching materials, and my relationship building all strengthened tremendously. What was one major thing I learned to do with all the above?

You guessed it… storytelling.

Once I learned to pitch the right stories in the right way, using the right points, and following up with the right materials, I was able to get in the room and build relationships with more development execs.

Being able to tell your story and craft great materials in the best possible way will transform your pitching and your life.

Buy #100Pitches book HERE!

Join me at my book release, workshop and industry panel discussion and networking event in CHICAGO!

I locked in a 24 times Emmy Winner!

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Today, I locked in a panelist who is a 24 time Emmy Award Winning Director, Writer & Producer! (Thanks to the amazing writer and VP of Original Programming at TV One, Robyn Greene Arrington!)

He's made some mistakes while on his journey to rise to the top, you best believe! I can't wait to hear what he has to say about pitching his projects!!!

Stay tuned for more info on the Chicago panelist!

CHICAGO, you have 2 more days to get your early-bird tickets!


5 Ways To Maximize Your Time at Conferences and Film Festivals!

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5 Ways To Maximize Your Time at Conferences and Film Festivals!

Hey Content Creators,

I've come up with 5 ways to maximize your time at conferences and film festivals!

You may know this about me already but if you don't, my mission in life is to inspire, motivate, and educate women and minorities so they could show up in their best way! As I prepare to moderate a media panel in Miami I've come up with a list that I believe can truly activate my future success and yours too at any event, especially film festivals. I've shared the 5 ways below.

1. Research who you want and need to collaborate with. Don't try to meet everyone, you want to meet THE one.

2. Prepare your agenda before hand. Your agenda should be based on what's most important to you and what your number one goal

3. Prepare a list of questions. Know how people on your list can activate or grow you and your career. Ask questions that best utilizes the person's skills set.

4. Listen. This really starts before you attend the conference during your research. Prepare yourself to fill a need of the person you want to collaborate with. In networking, giving is better than getting.

5. Prepare a 30 second elevator pitch!!! Don't get there and be stumbling over what you do and who you are! Be able to tell people who you are, what you do, what makes you unique or a standout, and why you do what you do.

BONUS. I learned this tip from Senior Vice President of Sales, MichelleThornton (BET-Her). Reach out before hand and connect with the people you want to meet so that they can be expecting you. DOPE TIP, thanks Michelle!

I hope this list can activate you closer to success before you attend your next event!




I can hardly wait to come home! I hope to see you at the #100Pitches: Book Release Event in Chicago.

I've been thinking of doing something special in my hometown. I'm not sure what though. Although Chicago is an amazing city and some great shows are being shot there, I feel there needs to be more coming out of it and so many creators born there wouldn't have to leave to go to other larger markets to achieve success.

What can I do?!?! Do you know?

I do know education is my first step. I want to teach all I know about the industry and breaking down the walls so that more of us can get through the doors! I've recently reached out to other amazing people in the industry to help come up with ideas and to make this book tour stop one of the best I've done so far!

Chicago, please show up to get this information and meet the people who could green light your success!

Maybe I'll do some ticket and book giveaways and raffles too. This way, there will be no excuse!

Leave suggestions on how I can get every content creator in Chicago in the room, please!


Thanks much and see you there!


Squeaky Moore

#100Pitches: Book Tour: Atlanta [PICTURES]

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The #100Pitches: Book Tour Atlanta was A M A Z I N G!!!

To the decision makers and green-lighters @Aspire TV Network, Overstreet Productions and Post, and Swirl Films.

Atlanta welcomed the #100Pitches Book Tour movement - and a room full of hungry content creators and reminded me how sweet Georgia really is!

I want to personally thank all of my expert executives (Tina Thompson -Aspire TV, Wayne Overstreet - Overstreet Productions & Post, Eric Tomosunas & Keith Neal - Swirl Films), for generously giving your time, knowledge, and support to the women and minorities who attended the book release, workshop, industry panel and networking event. I can without a shadow of a doubt tell you that because of you, the content creators walked away more knowledgeable, inspired, and motivated to create, and sell their projects courageously!

I was in tears (once again), when I personally witnessed Eric Tomosunas of Swirl Films, willingly offer to open a door for a content creator who boldly pitched herself and her future dreams of being in the industry. It's my dream come true and my mission closer to being satisfied! You confirmed that what I teach to others daily is on point and much a needed message to help see more diverse stories on the big and little screens!

Last, I want to thank my sponsors Get TV Ready and Wework Colony Square. I greatly appreciate you!

Thanks so much for your support, I am truly grateful to you!




Squeaky Moore


You Need to Be Radical! TAKE A RISK!

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No matter what type of success you are trying to achieve, you have to be radical! Take a risk! Don't play it safe.

Learn from my mistakes. Playing it safe has never, EVER, reaped a great reward for me. Safe has always pretty much landed me not much further than I was before I took the leap.

If you are considering leaping towards success, lift yourself up off the ground to get to a side different from the one you are standing on. LEAP BIG! You might as well, put your all into it, run as fast as you can, and leap with all your might!

When I'm coaching people to pitch, I'm thinking, "How can they be so radical in their approach...what's the biggest leap they can take... how can they oversell this idea so much that the person on the other end has no choice but to say, 'Yes, let's meet,' or 'Who else have you pitches this too?'" Because they want first dibs on your goodness.

I can sense the uneasiness when I make suggestions for my clients to sell themselves 100x bigger, or be 100x bolder in their approach. I can sense they think it's too much. And my response is always, "How many other people are playing it as safe as you are right now? Does this safe action get you much closer to your goal? HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS?


The choice is always yours...choose wisely!

My suggestion...

Take a risk 100x bigger than the one you are choosing to right now.

5 Ways to Save Yourself Time and Mistakes!

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Want to save yourself months of time from making mistakes? Here are 5 takeaways I had after asking an expert for help!

I had a phone meeting with a radio show producer. I asked her if she could help me with my media kit and my pitch for interviews. After, our talk I cringed at the email and media kit I had prepared to send out! Lol. She saved me hours of wasted time and from making some huge mistakes; ultimately from getting a "no" response!

Here are my takeaways:

  1. Even coaches need coaching! Especially with different platforms! I desperately needed her knowledge! She gave me great feedback on what enticed her to click on the few emails out of the 3-400 she received. This information was extremely helpful!
  2. It takes a village to be great! Ask experts for help.
  3. BE CONCISE! This was where I cringed the most! My messaging went on way too long. And as she put it, "needed to be streamlined!" (Still cringing) Lol
  4. Ask people to help you the best way they can! This person was a radio VJ for years on a syndicated radio show. If anyone would know how I could get radio interviews, she would! SHE'S AN EXPERT!
  5. Get out of the box! I spent so much time narrowing my focus and accepting that it's okay to have niche content. But, I have to take myself out of the box now and be an expert in a much broader area! This was really interesting! It got me to thinking just how many topics I could give my expert opinions on!

If you can save yourself days or months of time correcting would be mistakes, do it! YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE!

So, have you ever saved yourself months of time by asking for help?

I’m a BOSS Pitch: 10 BOSS ways to pitch your heart out every time!

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I'm a boss pitch and here are 10 BOSS ways to pitch your heart out every time!

On a recent pitch meeting, (that went well by the way), I did a few things differently that I want to keep in my regimen for future pitches. These new things helped me to gain even more clarity behind what I was offering the entertainment company. I boss's up in a way I believe I'd never done before. I was an expert. I was passionate. I was innovative! I was a BOSS PITCH!

But, there were also several logistical things I did before my pitch that worked in my favor and afforded me a win in the end. I want to share them with you in hopes that you can implement them or create your own similar steps so that your next pitch could be dynamic too!

Here is what made me a BOSS Pitch:

* My research was dynamic! I researched everything! I read several articles on the people I was meeting with. I researched the company and all the latest smart business moves they've made, as well as, the negative press. I used my research in my pitch and I could see their eyes light up when I knew things not really related...but related. For instance, mentioning something a person specialized in in two jobs prior. Ex: "You know what I mean, Sally, you're big into generations, blah,blah, blah."

* I reached out to people outside of my industry (or who'd had more knowledge than me in certain areas) to get their expertise about the space I would be pitching about. I shared mypitch and asked them to find loopholes. I wanted to find and fix everything wrong with my idea before my meeting.

* I sought advice from a marketing guru. I wanted to know how to market my project. I believe this information would help further shape my idea. And it did greatly! From a marketing perspective, it informed me of things I never once thought about!

* I practiced my pitch with 4 different people. The people all had different, but relatable backgrounds, and they all gave me unique feedback.

* Before my pitch I read over my notes and practiced in my head. If you can complete a 15-20 minute pitch in your head without getting distracted by the noisy world, then it's engrained in your heart. I knew all of the important points to hit.

* A marketing friend asked me to end my pitch with a question that forces me to know how my idea falls in line with what they are seeking. That question was the perfect way to conclude the meeting! A simple question that could work for anyone, "How does what I presented, fall in line with the needs of your company?

* I asked if they had any questions or concerns I could address.

* I gave my book as a business card. That was really fun. They regarded me as an expert, I could tell. Hundreds of thousands of people want to write books and never do it, so if you've completed one, that alone moves you up in the minds of others and makes you an expert.

* I did a fantastic morning ritual that included meditating, visualizing, affirmations, intentional breathing, reading, and writing and saying gratitudes.

* Last, I told a lot of stories. After counting, my pitch ended up having 8 stories in it. At the end of my meeting, everyone said "I love your stories, and your passion." I simply told stories of experiences I'd had or things I heard that made sense and related to what I was pitching.

There you have it, 10 things that could make you a BOSS PITCH!

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