Is Your Logline Done Right?

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Is Your Logline Done Right?

Are you sure?
If you are anything like I was, you believe that because your logline sounds catchy, or succinctly describes how your story kicks in to action, that it’s a really great logline. But is it?
In this 3 minute video I address the makings of a poorly written logline. Check I️t out to see where your logline stands.
If you want to learn more about preparing pitching materials join me in this one time webinar offering. I’m not sure when I’ll offer this workshop again.
Squeaky Moore
The Pitch Guru

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[VIDEO] A Pitch Bible vs A Look Book and a Review!!!!

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Hey Hey Creators!

Whatcha been up to creatively! I wanna hear from you. (Leave a comment!)

Really quick you know the difference between a Pitch Bible and a Look Book? Well, because most of us need to learn the importance of creating pitch materials, I’ve created a video. Let me explain the difference to you in a few short minutes.

In this video, I share how they are similar and how they differ.


If you want to learn more about preparing pitching materials TAKE ACTION NOW!

Squeaky Moore

The Pitch Guru

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Read this awesome review someone recently wrote! Wow! I’m a thought leader! Whoo hoo!

“Super Intuitive, a literal cheat code

I Almost Gave Up! Finish The Job.

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Hey Content Creators,

I almost gave up! Almost...

I recently went live on Facebook to talk about my struggle in this industry and while on my book tour. In short, I almost gave up my dream! Yep! I wanted to quit! But, thankfully I stayed the course.

I created a video that talks about my struggles and all that I did to rise above wanting to quit.

Watch the LIVE.

I almost gave up! Video Part 1

Finish The Job! Video Part 2

I hope this message inspires you to Finish The Job!


Squeaky Moore

Have You Read #100Pitches?


#100Pitches LA was Everything! [Photos]

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#100Pitches LA Was Everything! 

So...what you don't know is that #100Pitches LA almost didn't happen!
When I tell you, there were many things trying to prevent me from you...I mean MANY! But, LA wanted #100Pitches LIVE to happen, and they got information to make it come to fruition. I met some amazing content creators (many who were women), that went out on a limb, reach into their networks, and who came hungry and eager to learn!  I'm so grateful.
There were so much great information that came out of LA.  Some of the takeaways were:

Regarding asking for NDA's -  


  1. Austyn Biggers (Development Executive and Executive Producer at LOGO, MTV, VH1) suggested, If they have a physical company address...then you may not want to ask, but, if they don't have a company address, and you don't know much about may want to ask for an NDA. ~Austyn Biggers
  2. Trey Haley (President of Tri Destined Studios) said that we should follow our instincts.  He suggested, we should ask questions about everyone who will be in the room at the meeting. If people are there that you know nothing about, be careful to share our information.


Regarding Collaborating with Others - 


  1. Austyn B. suggested that we should only consider partnering with others who have something you don't; like, more reach, bigger network, more specific knowledge or skill, or voice.
  2. Trey Haley mentioned that everything about getting your project to come to fruition will be about partnering with others. Be prepared to make strategic alliances who could help take your project to the next level.


Regarding Development of Materials -


  1. Jennifer Williams (President of the Organization of Screenwriters), urged screenwriters to write many drafts of their screenplays.  She spoke about seeing so many scripts that aren't nearly ready.
  2. I gave a pitching checklist of how to know you are ready to pitch.  I walked through all the materials you should expect to prepare before your meetings. You can find it in my book, #100Pitches.

There was so much more and I can't possibly remember all of the gems that were shared.

If you were at the LA event, share with me your #1 takeaway!!!  I want to know what was helpful to you in your journey.



A Pitch Bible that Get’s Results – WEBINAR

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Hey Content Creators,


I received such a huge response from social media regarding this workshop offering: A Pitch Bible That Gets Results!

I figured I would.

In past workshops, this section would take so long to get through that I’d barely have time to discuss anything else. The participants would have so many questions for me to answer that I knew it needed to be separate from other pitching topics!

So, I’ve been fine tuning what the 3 day webinar would entail so that you could get the most out of it. But before I finalize it, I want to make sure to have your input.

The APBTGR workshop teaches the importance of creating a pitch bible no matter if you are creating a tv show, short or feature film, and, or web-series.

A pitch bible is a creative, sales tool that writers/creators use to fully develop and pitch their projects to networks, production companies and in some cases investors. It also helps you when constructing your pitch.

The webinar will explore how to create all of the elements that make up a winning pitch bible; including, log-line, premise, overview, characters, genre, mood/tone, story arc, episodes and/or structure and how to create a bible that stands out from the rest.  Too often pitch bible and other materials simply list the facts. This webinar will add the creativity of storytelling and your project’s facts in one!

In this workshop, I use case studies of winning bibles to draw conclusions to what works and why. Q & A is built into this workshop.

I need your help! I’ve created a 3 question survey to finalize all details. It’s simple I want to narrow down a date for the 3-day webinar, a cost (YES! I’m leaving that up to you), and I want to make sure it includes what you want to know!

Help me, will you?

Take the survey here


Squeaky Moore

5 Best Ways To Pitch with Host Nikki Woods and Me

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Hey content creators!

Today, I joined Nikki Woods as her guest on Facebook Live to give some tips on pitching. But in this conversation, I think we talked about so much more than pitching!

Check out 5 Best Ways To Pitch at the link below:


Does This Interest You? A Pitch Bible that Get’s Results!

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Hey pitchers!

I believe one of the biggest issues with pitching is that we lack the knowledge to put together the proper materials! At least that was my biggest mistake. It wasn't that I wasn't prepared to pitch my project, it was that I was unaware that the materials I was presenting were all wrong!

I'll soon be offering this as a workshop to a women's organization, but was interested to see how many others would like to learn how to create pitching materials that win; specifically the format bible, one-sheet, and show bible? If you need to strengthen your materials, (which will ultimately help your pitch), then let me know of you interest, subscribe to the site if you aren't already subscribed, and stay tuned in for more information!

**A Pitch Bible that Get’s Results**

This 3 day webinar will go in depth into the importance of creating a pitch bible, the elements that make up a pitch bible, and how to create a bible that stands out from the rest. In this webinar, I use case studies of winning bibles to draw conclusions to what works and why. Q & A is built into this webinar.

Let me know what you think.

What Do You Need From Me? Help me, Help You?

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Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Hey, Hey!

Can you believe we only have 2 months left this year?!?

Welp, that's exactly why I'm reaching out to you.

I'll be doing a few free and paid tele-seminars and webinars along with some blogs to help you prepare for the new year!

With pilot season around the corner, as well as, the "goal setting" season upon us, I want to offer as much help as I can based on everything I've learn up to now in the entertainment industry, regarding pitching, and in life. Yes, LIFE! Sometimes, it becomes important to tackle life issues, because they get in the way of you reaching our highest potential. Two years ago, when I tapped in to some serious life and goal threatening development issues that were getting in my way of reaching the pinnacle of my succession, I felt freed to become my best self! And from this point on, everything should be about reaching your highest potential and bring forth your best self so you could win at life and in your career!

Some of the topics I want to discuss that have been really quite effective for me this year as an author, mom and wife, content creator, speaker and coach are:

• Goal-setting and building a strategy

• Clearing the clutter

• Self development

• How to know you are settling for less

• Mind-mapping as it relates to creating content

• Mind-mapping your pitch

• On-line group pitching challenges

• Mock pitch sessions via ZOOM!

. Writing a book: clearing distractions, getting clear, and creating a plan!

That's just to name a few. But, I want to make sure I'm giving you want YOU need.

I'd love if you could answer this short 6 question survey.

Take SURVEY here!

3 Ways To Prepare To Win at Your Next Pitch Meeting!

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Did you assume that because you sent over your pitching materials to a potential buyer, that they've actually read through them? Well, here are 3 ways to prepare to win at your next pitch meeting regardless if they've read them or not.

Today, in a coaching session I helped prepare my client, (perhaps saved her from an impending disaster), to win!

I recently sat in a pitch meeting watching a young lady try to pitch after learning the materials she'd sent over hadn't been read before her pitch meeting. I can tell it threw her for a loop.

Oh Lord, where do I start now?

registered across her face, after she was told the aforementioned. Of course, she stumbled through a somewhat impromptu pitch because she'd prepared something different; she'd prepared to discuss what was sent over prior to her meeting.

My client, whom I was coaching today assumed the same; that the person she was meeting with read through her bible and script.

Code Red.

This is where I fly in with my cape and my TPG crown and save her! (TPG...the pitch guru?!? Duh.)

My advice to her, was the same that I share with you below.

Read and take heed!

Do not assume because you sent over your pitching materials to someone you are pitching that they've actually read through them. Honestly, there barely is ever anytime to read through 90+ pages of materials, and even if they have a team member who reads through this stuff, and marks a "consider" on the good reads before passing them on to the decision maker, you still have to assume that either the decision maker took their trusted companions word, or have only read through the brief synopsis that the trusted reader wrote. But NEVER assume they read word for word your 10-30 page bible and/or 90-120 page script!

Here is what I suggest you do in a pitching situation where you've previously sent over your materials:


1. First, ask if they've had a chance to read over the materials you sent ahead of the meeting. Based on their response,

2. Prepare a pitch for both situations.

* Pitch A- The Blind Pitch - is sort of like a blind date you've been set up on where you are getting to know this person for the first time. It's a pitch where you are selling the most important details of your project from start to finish; pilot to finale or from Act 1, to Act 3. Practice selling yourself in 7 minutes. Then check in to see if they follow before continuing on.

* Pitch B- Pitch - This is a pitch, sort of like finding a match on a dating site. You already have started the getting to know process online, by phone or text, but this first date, takes you a bit deeper. You should reiterate your quick synopsis, and then talk about other important facts of your project that your materials may not have addressed or that are necessary to reiterate because they are points that the buyer must be clear on. Discussing topics like your themes, your why, how it all relate to the world in which we live, how you see subsequent seasons going; the sequel, and/or your wish-lists are points to bring up in your pitch.

You can't go wrong if you practice both ways! And for my final tip...

3. Create an agenda of the top 5 or 6 things that you MUST mention in your pitch so that no matter which scenario you encounter, you will leave knowing you've pitched all of the most important details about your project!

My point is to forewarn you and prepare you for the unexpected. Practicing both ways will alleviate you from feeling stuck at the realization that the pitchee has not done their homework!

If you don't have my book, #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To, this means we are on a blind date! Buy it now on Amazon!

Check out a couple of the reviews:


Register now! Get in the room!

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