Six Ways To Close Your Pitch Meeting

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Dead silence? Crickets? 😬

You've pitched your idea, had an engaging conversation, and you can sense the meeting is coming to a close or should be. An awkwardness enters the space and you don't quite know what else to say. Well, I've come up with six ways and must do's in order to close your pitch effectively. 

Six Ways To Close Your Pitch Meeting

  1. Before you leave the room make sure you've asked if they have any questions. Asking this question allows you to clear up anything that was unclear or confusing. The goal is to make sure the buyer has all they need to know to carry your project to the next person up. 
  2. Ask if they want to hear about any other related information you've come up with regarding your project. Four example, you may say, "would you like to hear about some of the ways I've come up with to market this project?" Or you may say, "would you like for me to tell you some of the cross promotional ideas i've come up with?" This let's the buyer know you've thought through every aspect of your project. 
  3. Give a recap of anything they ask you to do so that you have clear instructions on what to do next. If you were unclear about anything, it can be cleared up before you leave.
  4. Ask them, "What are the next steps?"
  5. Shake hands. 
  6. Follow up with a great email. Include action items requested, thank them for their time and let them know how amazing their team was. Add a note about yourself further explaining a skill they don't already know you have or a special fun fact. Then ask again, "When should I expect to hear back from you?"

I hope this helps put an end to that awkward feeling at the end of pitch meetings or enlighten you on how to close. 

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      Hi Soraya,

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