Squeaky Moore – Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To (Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.)

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Have you experienced failure and was gripped by so much fear that you almost haven't taken any other risks since you've failed?

I'm sharing this interview because it's extremely inspiring. The host, Aimee J., asks such awesome questions and pulled such inspiration from the tough life lessons I've learned from my perceived failures, that I think you can benefit from listening and find the motivation to jump back in the game again!

I was not expecting to take a deep dive into my fears and setbacks, but they are the reason for why I drive so hard towards success today. That’s why I'm excited for you to listen to this interview with Aimee J., host of the Chasing Dreams Podcast because she knows how to bring out all of the good stuff!

In this episode, I answer the question:

“What exactly constitutes failure?”

I believe that it isn’t really what most people think it is! "Often, we perceive our efforts as a failure, simply because the outcome wasn’t what we wanted or expected. Dealing with disappointment and fear is part of life, and it doesn’t equal failure. Mistakes are just the steps we must take on our way to the success we will become!"

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Check out the episode here on Chasing Dreams


• [1:32] Bravery in writing about making mistakes

• [2:09] Squeaky’s dreams and transitions within entertainment

• [5:00] When your dream shuts down: overcoming the fear

• [12:45] The 9-year drought: believing the lie

• [20:30] Identifying fears

• [23:28] Squeaky’s book

• [33:31] Having a different mindset: identify your ASKS

• [38:40] SO many lessons that apply to life

• [41:26] The 100 pitches: the best and the worst

• [47:35] Knowing what’s constructive and what’s not

• [49:18] Squeaky’s ONE action for a dream chaser

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