Squeaky Then, Squeaky Now…Let me tell you my story 

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What skill do most pitchers have that makes them stand out from the pack?

Well, let me tell you a story about two people I know, Squeaky then and Squeaky now.

They’re both creative content creators. They’re both unrepresented by an agent. They both are pretty known in the industry, and have helped many projects see the light of day. 

But there’s a big difference between them.

Squeaky now has been able to penetrate the wall put up between her, the networks and production companies, while Squeaky then struggled. 

They both pitched their content—but Squeaky now, not Squeaky then, gets stopped in the middle of a pitch to be told, "Your pitch is the best I've heard all week!" 

They both have developed relationships—but here again, Squeaky now, not Squeaky then, is a "called on" producer/content creator who is invited in the room and has established trust as a content creator who always brings great, well developed content.

What’s the difference?

Squeaky then focused on creating really good projects. Squeaky now does that as well, but squeaky now has learned the key to building relationships and also focuses on making development execs WANT to know more about her content, by telling them compelling stories and aligning the perfect information within her stories when pitching. 

Learning how to developed materials and deliver pitches with vivid, emotionally-engaging stories is the “secret sauce” for winning pitches.

When I first started looking to pitch, it was hit or miss. I'd send out hundreds of emails just to get almost as many silent "Nos" in return.

Then I went on a pitching journey to learn to become a better pitcher in every way possible: my development process, my storytelling, my pitching materials, and my relationship building all strengthened tremendously. What was one major thing I learned to do with all the above?

You guessed it… storytelling.

Once I learned to pitch the right stories in the right way, using the right points, and following up with the right materials, I was able to get in the room and build relationships with more development execs.

Being able to tell your story and craft great materials in the best possible way will transform your pitching and your life.

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Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover:

How you should pitch your story in a way that connects with the person you are pitching. When you know how to share why you created what you created and how your story connects to the greenlighter, you will get a different kind of response. 

Pitching techniques that will take you from being a good pitcher to being a GREAT one in record time. Can you imagine Networks or studios coming to you asking, "What do you have?" Once you’ve know what all you need to have prepared and how to tell your story the right way, that will start to happen. 

How to get through doors. 


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I really hope you can make it because I know how much you’ll benefit by learning to pitch your stories. 

All the best,

Squeaky Moore 

One Woman, Many Faces, One Creator, Many Talents

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