Success Leaves Clues

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"Success leaves clues. People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky; they're doing something differently than every one else does."

 ~Tony Robbins

I challenge you to think about that quote. Who's left pitching clues for you and I. There are pitching clues left behind, and we must pay closer attention to them, so that we too can win in the room. In fact, I recently tried a tactic in my recent pitch meeting that was left behind by Producer, Chris Morgan, where he had his talent, Keanu Reeves go to the pitch meeting with him. Keanu Reeves was in true acting mode from the moment he entered the room. And it was impressive when he spoke as the character. 

I'm an actress first, so that clue resonated with me.  In my recent pitch meeting, I thought, "Why not use that clue but make it fit my show." I decided to have my talent play out how a scene would go." I think it was a great decision to have them do that. I asked my cast, showed their charismatic personalities, and when it was time, they acted the part. It was amazing to watch. 

My producing partner and I, (shout out to KT Nelson), actually did very little pitching! Of course we talked about the important stuff, like: Why they should choose our show. Why we created it,  it's themes and the format, but the bulk of our pitch went into the the preparation and played out in the room.

If you can take any clues away from my recent pitch, they would be:

  • Look for clues in other successful pitches from films and shows you love and you see on air and in theaters. 
  • Know your "why".
  • Preparation is key! 
  • Consider having your actors play out a scene. And...
  • Rehearse your talent! 

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