Be Bold. Be Confident. Pitch Your Heart Out – with Squeaky Moore

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Have you every just felt you were under an anointing? Like, when you were speaking, it was so good that you felt like it wasn’t you?  Well, I don’t know if it was the questions that Laura Meoli-Ferrigon asked of … Read More

Squeaky Then, Squeaky Now…Let me tell you my story 

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What skill do most pitchers have that makes them stand out from the pack? Well, let me tell you a story about two people I know, Squeaky then and Squeaky now. They’re both creative content creators. They’re both unrepresented by … Read More

#100Pitches:  TIP on Writing Overviews and A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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TIP on Writing Overviews and my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… There is so much going on with The Pitch 101, and I don’t want you to miss especially since, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! But more on that later. In my NEW … Read More

All You Need is Someone Who Believes in Your Story…(An Independent Filmmaker’s Story)

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I had a 1 hour and 6-minute conversation with another independent content creator. Let me say that I LOVE talking to other independent filmmakers. Because we wear so many hats and have to be incredibly resourceful and open-minded all the … Read More

Getting Pitch Meetings Without An Agent: 7 Proven Steps to Include In Your Email Pitch

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You need to get through some doors but don’t have agency representation? I find this to be the biggest pain point for most independent content creators.   But, now more so than ever, with the future of television migrating to … Read More

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