The Secret Sauce to Pitching:

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I was sitting here thinking about what is really the key to pitching greatly. I think in every pitching situation I've been in that went well, prayer, praise, and worship was involved. 

Have you ever been so high on prayer, praise, and worship, that you felt you could do anything? I understand everyone may not be believers, but I felt compelled to share the one TIP that has taken my pitch meetings over the top. When I'm done worshipping, I feel an anointing take over me; takeover the pitch. 

Many have said to me, "Squeaky, I don't know the first thing to say when pitching." And while there are a list of things you want to include in your pitch, (I've given many practical tips already), the anointing you receive after prayer, praise and worship, is an unexplainable must have. It leads, and I follow. All of the practicing and preparation, in the practical world is important to pitching, and in a spiritual world, praise and worship is the way to a great pitch. 

You want the secret sauce to pitching, well prayer, praise, and worship is the answer. 

Just thought I'd reveal my biggest TIP yet. 


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