Top 3 Ways to Pitch Your TV Show Idea

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Pitch 101: Tip of the Week




Many don't know the first thing about pitching a show or film idea. Here are 3 universal ways to go about pitching your idea.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only ways.


  1. Do a Paper Pitch - This can be a PITCH DECK done on power point, or a ONE SHEET that will be used in the room to help guide the talking points of your pitch.
  2. Create a Sizzle Reel or Pilot presentation- You can film a few scenes or pull highlights from your movie or tv episode that gives an overall understanding of what your show is about.   Or you can shoot the entire pilot.  This leaves the executives no room to guess what your project is about.  They will see exactly what you have in mind. In this case, I think a sizzle is just as beneficial.
  3. Skype interviews - You can pull Skype interviews and show the personalities of the people you have on board. This especially works for Reality Shows!


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