[VIDEO] How to Pitch with a Proof of Concept Video AND MORE

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In this 3 minute video I created, I discuss if having a proof of concept for your pitch is a good idea or not and how to pitch with it. As a bonus, I discuss how to answer the question, "Tell me more about you?" You can check out the video HERE.

A Pitch Bible That Get Results 3-Day Webinar

Squeaky, are you taking the upcoming webinar? You really should if you are a filmmaker or TV show creator. I've seen many poorly executed pitch materials, where the content creator think they've done well with them, only to learn the hard way that the materials they've created didn't have the necessary elements in it for the decision makers to be well informed, or worse, they didn't create any at all.

Here is what you can expect to get from taking the webinar:

• I will share techniques on creating pitch materials that most likely has NEVER been shared before.  In the webinar, I will teach you unique ways of creating overviews, synopsis's, character descriptions, log-lines, locations and settings, and more that will help your materials speak for themselves if you've never pitched a word!

• For all of you who are creating formats (think American Idol, The Voice, Bachelor, The Rap Game), I will go through each element that makes up the format bible.

• Not only will you have a better understanding of the various bibles, what they are comprised of, and what sets them a part, we will also take a look at look books and breakdown how to create them as well!  (I will show examples of some beautiful look books that demonstrate great storytelling)!

• Additionally, you will have access to a SECRET Facebook group where I will host an ASK ME ANYTHING follow up LIVE exactly one week later. This is a great thing! You will have a full week to process and implement all that was discuss during our time together, then send me your specific questions so I can ask them LIVE!

Are you still on the fence about taking the webinar?  Do you have any other questions that I can answer for you so that you can make a determination as to if this webinar is for you? If so, hit reply and send me your specific questions. I want to answer them for you. (or you can email info@thepitch101.com)


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