What I learned at the invite only Producer event with WEtv. 

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On this Ask Squeaky I will talk about: 
What I learned at the invite only Producer event with WEtv. 

In this video, learn what WEtv is looking for and how to reframe your thinking around your content. 

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What I learned from WEtv
Ask Squeaky Video

Are You Joining The Call

For the content creators looking to pitch their projects to networks, investors, studios, and talent, DO YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE READY TO PITCH?  If not, you should considering attending this seminar

This Tele-seminar focuses on the preparation of pitching. It outlines what a content creator needs to have prepared before pitching. In the webinar, I cover:

* The common mistakes content creator makes and how to correct them

* My 9 point pitching checklist that includes what pitching materials are needed

* The importance of packaging your project

* How to research and create wish lists for pitching and packaging

* Ask Squeaky Q & A  

“While researching to present my pitch to Producers I came across Squeaky's free webinar on her Nine Rules of Pitching. (There were probably more but I really only remembered nine.) It was a real eye-opener and gave practical concrete steps to be as prepared as possible before stepping foot in the room. A lifesaver for anyone about to take a meeting with potential collaborators. She gives you straight up advice and doesn't sugar coat it. I got my current deal using her techniques and can honestly say that if you follow her rules, you'll probably walk out with a deal.”

—Greg Paul


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  1. Kim
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    Hi Squeaky,
    I love your video and that you shared your experience. I was almost ready to replace the battery in all my smoke detectors hahaha.
    But seriously, good for you and everyone for sharing!

    • Squeaky Moore
      | Reply

      Thanks Kim! I’m glad you like it! Girl, we all have to keep refueling and finding ways to get over the wall. I’m hoping some day I can bridge the gap For us all!

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