Writing about the “Setting”

Writing about the “Setting”

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Hey content creators, 


How are you writing about "setting" in your pitch bibles? 
Here is a pitch bible. The show is one familiar to us all. It's LOST.  Look at how they wrote about the setting of their show? What are your thoughts? How does it make you think about the setting of your project? Any ideas come to mind on how you could write about the setting of your project  in your bible?

I was recently discussing "setting" in my private Facebook group The Pitch 101, and  one of the members said, that how the setting was described in this bible made her think of the "purpose" of each location and how it translates. 

I agree wholeheartedly. "The purpose" of each setting in a world that has been created should be extremely important. Yet, so many people overlook the purpose of each setting. But, in a practical world, setting plays a huge roll in our lives everyday. The memory of a place lives on forever and makes the moment richer; it layers it and gives it clarity. Things like being proposed to, finding out you are pregnant, being raped, having an anxiety attack... all comes with a memory of a setting. Yet, we forget to think through "setting" thoroughly. 

When writing about setting in your bibles don't forget to pay reverence to it and create it from a place of meaning and purpose. 

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