You Must Tease – TIP INSIDE 

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When pitching think like a tease. Lol. Funny term, but please give me the freedom to dive in more here. 

Growing up, I was a tease to boys. (Oh my God, I can't believe I'm saying this.) But I was. 

Have you ever heard little boys use this phrase, "You are just a tease," or "Why are you teasing me?" You see, a tease plays with the potential receiver; only giving bits of herself at a time. The teasers' intention is never to give up the goods, just to lure the hopeful. They like bringing the eager receiver in more and more; then leave them dangling on the edge. Satisfied, the teaser, knowing they are on the edge, disappears; just like that, with them in the brink. The teaser has absolutely no intentions on giving up the goods until things are all on her terms. 

When Pitching You Have To Tease...

I don't give away the "good stuff" in emails when reaching out to pitch. My goal is always to get in the room, or if all else fails, on the phone. 

But, after sending the typical stuff by email to get the receivers juices percolating, (by typical I mean sending the logline, and maybe a very brief synopsis), and they still seem on the fence to open their door, I'll give them a little more in my follow up email. I'll share 1 or 2 juicy tidbits to lure them in. I'll begin an anecdote, and never tell the end of it, then ask them if they are interested in learning more about the lead character or my new show. I may even paint a picture that puts them into the world of my show, then lead off with a question, that lures, "What if my lawyers could crack the case?" I may even share a few themes that I know would peak their interest, based on the kind of projects they are used to releasing, but I never put out everything unless it's on my terms; that is, I want to be in the room, behind closed doors! (Snickering) 

So, be a tease, be intentional, give a little at a time just to lure them in, but don't give up the goods, until they wine you and dine you...or at least invite you in the room and offer you water! 

(Small print: You must be over 18 to read this...) 

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