Be Bold. Be Confident. Pitch Your Heart Out – with Squeaky Moore

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Have you every just felt you were under an anointing? Like, when you were speaking, it was so good that you felt like it wasn't you? 

Well, I don't know if it was the questions that Laura Meoli-Ferrigon asked of me in this interview or if I had just finished my Miracle Mornings routine from the Hal Elrod book, that I do every morning, but I was on FIRE! 
Laura and I talked about some of my personal secrets of getting into the room, and my spiritual journey. In fact, I revealed to her just how important it was for me to do some true inner development or else I would lose every deal I had on the table. In this podcast I give Laura some of tips personal tips on building my faith. 

This was seriously one of my best podcasts yet, and I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO IT! 

Be Bold. Be Confident. Pitch Your Heart Out - with Squeaky Moore

Creating a film or television project is an amazing process for anyone. But when we have to share or pitch the idea for support, it can be a dreaded experience. Pitching independent projects is unknown territory in our constantly-changing industry. The fact of the matter is most gatekeepers in the TV and Film business will NOT accept unsolicited materials. With this in mind, how can we get in front of the right people to deliver our pitch?


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