What if you could wake up tomorrow and realize your dream of getting your content on television or in movie theaters? What if you could grow your network to create pitching opportunities for yourself? What if you could get into doors of networks, and production companies without having representation or connect with investors and win them over? Pitching isn’t as complicated as it seems. It all comes down to having the right information, the perfect strategy, and knowing where to start.

In #100Pitches: Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To, you will learn how to fully develop your project without leaving anything out, and how to create a fail-proof pitch. Squeaky teaches practical, concrete, strategies to presenting your idea and closing the deal. The book uncovers the steps; the dos and don’ts’s of pitching that will help you make the best and most effective use of every situation, opportunity, and resource.

Squeaky Moore, shares all she has learned on her journey to perfecting the pitch. The book includes exclusive interviews with executives at NBC, OWN, BET, ASPiRE TV, production company executives, a television packaging agent, executive producers, indie filmmakers, and more who share what they are looking for when a creator walks through the door and what to do to land the deal.

#100Pitches: Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To is for the beginner and professional with great ideas looking to get their project green-lit.

#100Pitches: Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To

The Film and Television Pitching Guide For Independent Content Creators

How To Know You Are Ready To Pitch


This Tele-seminar focuses on the preparation of pitching. It outlines what a content creator needs to have prepared before pitching. In the webinar, I cover: The common mistakes content creator makes and how to correct them, and my 9 point pitching checklist that includes what pitching materials are needed, packaging the project, how to research and create wish lists for pitching and packaging, and more.

“While researching to present my pitch to Producers I came across Squeaky's free webinar on her Nine Rules of Pitching. (There were probably more but I really only remembered nine.) It was a real eye-opener and gave practical concrete steps to be as prepared as possible before stepping foot in the room. A lifesaver for anyone about to take a meeting with potential collaborators. She gives you straight up advice and doesn't sugar coat it. I got my current deal using her techniques and can honestly say that if you follow her rules, you'll probably walk out with a deal.”
—Greg Paul

Yes, I want to know if I'm ready to pitch!

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