Director Ryan Coogler’s Filmmaking Strategy #BlackPanther

Director Ryan Coogler’s Filmmaking Strategy #BlackPanther

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**Discussion Time **

I'm thinking of Ryan's film career. Wow! He had one thought-provoking, heart-wrenching film that catapulted his career. It just takes one good film festival hit! Ryan Coogler has soared since Fruitvale Station! He's made smart film choices since and a smart initial casting choice with the actor, Michael B. Jordan.

For me, this means he thinks deeply about his audiences and not just the art, and the popularity his films will have on audiences. Additionally, his marketing is always done impeccably, and I'm sure he puts great thought into it during the creation phases as well. His success begs the questions:

How much thought should you as indie filmmakers put into your audience and marketing BEFORE choosing your films.

What project of yours do you believe is your breakout hit?

Have you come up with your own marketing strategy for it?

Director Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan #BlackPanther Premiere

Photo Cred: @TheBlackPanther

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