I Wish Someone Had Told Me…

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Hey content creators!
What's up?!? How is your creativity coming along? 

The new year is approaching fast and I know many of you are preparing to finish up your projects so that you are ready to start your pitching off strong in 2017. I wanted to leave you with a tip while you are preparing your pitch materials for pitching.

My word for the day is "deconstruction".

Deconstruction: To take something apart.

My tip: 

When preparing your bible or pitch deck, you will find yourself focusing much of your attention on the concept and the characters or prototypes of your tv show, but spend just as much time deconstructing the format and the elements too. Ask yourself some of these questions: 

-What does the backdrop look like?

-What's the environment? 

-What's the style? 

-What makes it uniquely different and why?

Remember, if you don't see it, neither will they. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tip! 

Squeaky Moore




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