The Pitch 101 Content Creator’s Manifesto 2k18

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Hi Creators!

I’ve created a manifesto for all of us to use in 2018!

I believe what we say and do helps to bring our goals and dreams to fruition. It keeps us focus on the target. I’ll be using this picture as a screensaver on my phone to remind me to declare it daily as many times as I can say it.

Join me.

I want to see many wins from you this year. I'm already excited about the future!

The Pitch 101 Manifesto

A PITCH GURU is someone who knows how to communicate their ideas effectivel

A PITCH GURU is someone who is a great storyteller and exudes passion. They KNOW they are CREATIVE, a LEADER, and a VISIONARY. They have a message to share, a solution for a problem, and a unique way of communicating.

PITCH GURU’s aren’t affected by the “old age” rules put in place by the so-called “big wigs of HOLLYWOOD”. They are a NEW BREED of creatives with a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" attitude.

If you ask a PITCH GURU about having an agent, they'll tell you that they aren't stopped by those "agent only - no unsolicited material," closed-door policies. Those policies only FUEL them to find another way, FORCE them to walk through other doors or to CREATE their own lane.

PITCH GURUS recognize that "NO" is not universal. They BUILD and CULTIVATE their own relationships to use at the right time.


PITCH GURUS look FEAR in the face and SELL their ideas courageously!


DEVELOP great stories.

CREATE great characters.

IMAGINE great worlds.

WRITE great scripts. 

I am only one PITCH away from getting green-lit.

#letsgetgreenlit #2k18

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