Two Steps Forward, One Step Back! 

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I feel like this is a much needed message right now. 
I was on the phone with a friend last night and I told her I was jealous of her discouragement. 😊
I was jealous because I know so well how much ish happens right before success comes. 

It's funny, I can see her success so clearly perched right behind the chaos and confusion. She's so close.

I think about Joseph (in the bible). He went through soooo much, yet he reigned in every situation. Right before each successful moment he had there was chaos and confusion. And God was with him through it all. 

My message to all of US, is to just keep taking one small step and then the next. Keeping making constant and never ending improvements. Don't let the big picture overwhelm you. Focus on the things you can....pick one thing to focus on... Then another.

Your success wasn't promised without chaos and confusion. But it will come if you keep pushing pass the ish.

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