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Hey Creative People!

Christmas is here! Whether you celebrate this Holiday or not, I want to wish you peace on earth and joy!

I've decided to gift you with a tip that will help you with your pitches! My gift to you is...


The one-sheet is a very important creative document about your project. Often, it’s the one document that a development executive will ask for either before or after listening to your pitch.

Your one-sheet should convey your passion for your story and get buyers excited about it, too. This means you have to use your amazing storytelling capabilities to write a concise and compelling one-sheet. Did you get that? The biggest mistake content creators make is leaving the creativity out of their pitch materials. But, not you! If you've written your script already, know that NOW IS THE TIME TO AMP UP YOUR CREATIVITY to create a compelling one-sheet.

If your one-sheet is the only document that the prospective buyer reads to make a determination for you to pitch or uses to pitch your project to the higher-ups after you've pitched him, then it needs to be written creatively well.

In case you didn't know, a one-sheet should only be as long as one page and it should summarize the entirety of your project. Before you get started creating it, you should be sure to think through all of the important elements of your project so that you can summarize it into the perfect one sheet.

The one-sheet should explain briefly:

  1. The title, genre, length.
  2. The logline
  3. The overview of your story: what is your project about overall?
  4. The premise: how the pilot or film begins.
  5. The main character, their conflict, and arc.
  6. Location/setting/visual style.
  7. If a tv show, what the audience can expect to see each episode.
  8. Themes/mood/tone.
  9. If a tv show, what is the episode structure?
  10. If a film, plot points and story arc.

11. If a tv show, discuss what the seasons would be about and the season arcs.

I hope this blog can help many of you create amazing and compelling one-sheets!

Happy Holidays!

Squeaky Moore

The Pitch Guru

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    I love it. Thank you for this needed gift!

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