Ask Squeaky: Should You Pitch If You Only Have a Concept + More

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Hi Pitch Gurus, In this ASK SQUEAKY video I answer two very important questions concerning pitching. The questions are: Should I only pitch a concept? What’s the most important key to pitching? I answer those questions in this video below. … Read More

DREAMS IN DRIVE: Squeaky Moore On Perfecting Your Pitch & Living Your Best Life

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Hey Pitch Guru’s, I recently was interviewed by Rana Campbell on her Dreams In Drive Podcast. I share my keys to hearing more YES’s in the pitch room and how creative entrepreneurs can truly live in their purpose. IN THIS … Read More


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Hey Creative People! I’ve decided to gift you with a tip that will help you with your pitches! My gift to you is… HOW TO CREATE A COMPELLING ONE-SHEET The one-sheet is a very important creative document about your project. … Read More

[VIDEO] A Pitch Bible vs A Look Book and a Review!!!!

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Hey Hey Creators! Whatcha been up to creatively! I wanna hear from you. (Leave a comment!) Really quick question…do you know the difference between a Pitch Bible and a Look Book? Well, because most of us need to learn the … Read More

5 Best Ways To Pitch with Host Nikki Woods and Me

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Hey content creators! Today, I joined Nikki Woods as her guest on Facebook Live to give some tips on pitching. But in this conversation, I think we talked about so much more than pitching! Check out 5 Best Ways To … Read More

3 Ways To Prepare To Win at Your Next Pitch Meeting!

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Did you assume that because you sent over your pitching materials to a potential buyer, that they’ve actually read through them? Well, here are 3 ways to prepare to win at your next pitch meeting regardless if they’ve read them … Read More

My Takeaways From The Practice Your Pitch Event [Video]

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It’s soooo important to practice your pitch! I was one of the panelist at BRIC’s Practice Your Pitch event and saw and gave feedback to around 15 pitches. I’ve comprised my takeaways from the event. They cover the most common … Read More

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