Today, I JUMPED! 

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Today, I JUMPED! Whoo hoo!  

Wait, If I can be honest, at first I hesitated at stepping out the way I wanted too, the way I so often urge my community to step out boldly. I don't know why I didn't go all the way to the top like I planned. Fear I guess. I hate fears' voice. It told me, "Squeaky, start lower. Start with this person first, and if they don't respond THEN go higher." 

I wasted time. I wasted two weeks of my precious time. Now, I'm dealing with a value issue. I must value my time more and not waste time. I can't get it back and it ALWAYS brings me back to the drawing board. Freaking fear!

This morning I asked myself, "Squeaky, if you were the absolute BEST at what you did, what would you do?" I thought of the two separate emails I sent to two different people, and the follow ups I sent two weeks ago (in which I still haven't received a response from either persons lower on the totem pole from which I had intended to reach out) and I said to myself, "I would freaking go all the way to the freaking top!" (Yes, freaking!) 

In that moment I jumped! I grabbed my phone and I JUMPED ALL IN! I oversold my self and the possibilities of what I wanted to come in and further pitch. I FREAKING oversold it! Hell, I could work on making it everything I sold them on later, was my thinking. I used all the buzz words too. I tried to make it too irresistible to tell me no. I went CEO on their a**es. 

I usually wake up pretty early. Welp, the CEO was up. (CEO's be on their morning rituals like I you have one? I swear by Hal Elrod's, Miracle Morning). Anyway, the CEO responded within a matter of 10 minutes with his team CC'd. 

All I kept thinking is, "Why hadn't I done this in the first place?!?  

My reason for sharing this is simply to say two things:

1. GO ALL THE WAY TO THE FREAKING TOP if you can. Don't waste your precious time. Time is money. You have to value every minute of your time. 

2. Tell your fear to FREAK off! When you hear that voice in your head, it's usually telling your instinct, your confidence, your intellect, and your BRILLIANT IDEA that it's bigger than they are and it controls you and not them. IS THIS TRUE? You better be thinking about all them hours you worked putting that idea together! You darn sure shouldn't want all the time to be wasted. 

Look, the antidote to fear is ACTION. It's what I believe is true. You have to do the very thing you are afraid to do. You have to be all in! It's do or die! Has fear been stopping you from JUMPING? Has it been stopping you from going to the top? 

Ask yourself, "Self, if you were the absolute BEST at what you did, what would you do?" Now ACT! JUMP! 

On another note, here is something you should be jumping at. I'm offering two NEW workshops. One for content creators and one for entrepreneurs looking to pitch themselves to investors to grow their businesses. 



Here is what you will walk away with:

1. The confidence needed for you to OVERSELL yourself and the plan to follow up with an winning Pitch! 

2. A better understanding of how to put together a winning pitch. 

3. My personal pitching critique to your pitch with a brainstorm and notes on how you can improve on it. 

4. A fill-in-the blank pitching template that will allow you to create 30 sec pitches in the future! 

Do you want the winning formula to help strengthen your pitch 30-100% and the confidence to sell it? 

Hurry, JUMP on what may be the best decision you ever decided to make! 

Here is what people are saying about my services: 

"My girls say it too...They saw how uncomfortable I was talking about my business before I met you and how I am now. We always joke...That the money spent was so worth it! That's because of what you do."

~Krista Barnett, The BootBand Co.

"Squeaky empowered me by giving me the tools to do my own work; now I can use what she taught me to pitch other ideas and products that go beyond my book."

~Alicia Moss, Moss Girls - Body Confidence

"Brilliant.Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and expertise. You have created a winner out of me from the tools and strategies in this book and the personal coaching. I am ready to pitch my way to the top."

~Lucinda Cross, Activator CEO, Vision Board Kit

"It was a real eye-opener and gave practical concrete steps to be prepared as possible before stepping into a room. A lifesaver for anyone about to take a meeting with potential collaborators. I got my deal using her techniques."

~Greg Paul, Screenwriter, Script Consultant


Squeaky Moore - The Pitch Guru 

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