Facebook LIVE Pitching Session

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Hey Content Creators, 

It's your Pitch Guru, Squeaky Moore, and tomorrow, I will be teaching a FREE LIVE Pitch workshop at 9pm ET on Facebook LIVE! 

Join me for a live mini-lesson from my book, #100Pitches: Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To. I'm going to be giving away a little of the secret sauce of pitching in a very short and sweet FB live! 
No matter what you are pitching there are certain things that you must have to be ready to sell yourself and your product. I'm encouraging you to join this LIVE session! 

Set your clocks because I'm not sure I'll be saving this one! 😉

If you want some secrets to pitching! Then join the Facebook live community

Oh and there will be giveaways! So do me a favor and INVITE people to the community who you think can benefit from this FREE LIVE workshop. INVITE your teams and partners, or your family and friends who you know could use these tools! 

 See you tomorrow.


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