The Film Mechanic of Screenwriting was a blast! [VIDEO COURSE]

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Hey Content Creator, I just finished hosting a very special guest LIVE on Facebook at The Pitch 101 Community page. Screenwriter, Deri Tyton, gave some really phenomenal tips on writing story, plot, dramatic action, and so much more! So many … Read More

[VIDEO] A Pitch Bible vs A Look Book and a Review!!!!

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Hey Hey Creators! Whatcha been up to creatively! I wanna hear from you. (Leave a comment!) Really quick question…do you know the difference between a Pitch Bible and a Look Book? Well, because most of us need to learn the … Read More

5 Best Ways To Pitch with Host Nikki Woods and Me

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Hey content creators! Today, I joined Nikki Woods as her guest on Facebook Live to give some tips on pitching. But in this conversation, I think we talked about so much more than pitching! Check out 5 Best Ways To … Read More

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